The mantra pushpanjali given here is from the Vedas (Vedokta). This means that they have to be recited in a specific manner. It is advisable to learn the correct. Yesterday I got small small booklets explaining the meaning behind various mantras. I was shocked to learn that Mantrapushpanjali is signing.

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Its a matter of experience. Hello, Thanks for sharing the meaning of Mantra-Pushpanjali. Libra traits and personality. Add to Spiritual Diary.


Gyan prabhodhini Ganesh Pooja book – See page No pressure on anyone. Times Point Know more.

Our seers coded it so only a few chosen ones can decode them. It is advisable to learn the correct pronunciation of these pushpanjai from the learned people and practice well before attempting to recite these mantras. It is your feelings that makes the difference I feel No, it simply means that we respect this mantra as it is and tend to feel that gratitude in our heart, where everything is simple and pure.

Stanzas on Janamejaya, Vishvakarma and Marutta.

Second meqning I believe that with the increasing technology and quest to learn various different lngs. Its a prayer saying grant me my wishes and desires of course good ones: First of all Sanskrit is the ancient language which was used by our so called all mythological figures. There are generally four hymns popularly used as pushpanjali mantras.


I don’t understand at what point of time we started disbelieving and abusing our literature. Kubera was the king at that time and after Gods its King’s turn All meqning good wishes are with you.

By asking such questions u are joining the club of intellectuals If recited properly these slokas will affect you body, mind and soul.

How to relax mind before sleep. The oath which the King must take before the priest performs the ceremony.

Pushpanjali – Wikipedia

He says why say it in a language which we don’t understand. Until the science grows enough into dwapar it will pushpankali arguing. First learn to ask only serious questions.

Yesterday I got small small booklets explaining the meaning behind various mantras. In essence, they pray the central deity of a puja or vrat to give away blessings in abundance and thereby help the devotee achieve the purpose of the puja.

Seems like you and your straight forward friend have not experienced the effect of these sounds Sanskrit Therefore Sanskrit pronunciations are more powerful than any of the other languages.


If people are illiterate then this does not imply that language is illiterate or devoid of something. May be its worth knowing at high level atleast what the shlokas mean?

Mantra Pushpanjali with Lyrics & Meaning | Ganpati Mantra Pushpanjali | Bhakti Songs

Why in the morning one prefers to listen some soothing music or something which should relax the mind instead of the drum beats. Tips For living a healthy life. Gemini traits pushpajjali personality. The air in the sinuses of human skull actually vibrates wen some sanskrit words r pronounced. Sanskrit is a “perfect” language, unlike English, French etc.

So to start witheverybody agrees about Kubera Love and blessings, Ranjita. While chanting the mantras, focus on their meaning and contemplate on pushpajnali central deity of the concerned puja holding the flowers in the hand throughout.