Unbeautifully (Undeniable: Book Two) Two for two this week for me and I loved this one on an almost 5-star level. Ooooooh it was almost. Read “Unbeautifully” by Madeline Sheehan with Rakuten Kobo. Warning: This is not a story about fate or destiny. This is a story about pain, sorrow, and suffering. Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan. ** 5 out of 5 Stars** **WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD** Warning: This is not a story about fate or destiny.

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Published May 13th by Madeline Sheehan first published May 12th The book is really emotional. Published May 13th first published May 12th Everything I needed to know, everything he was feeling, I could already see on his face and feel through his touch. Mind Fucked in such a good way. Made the ending seem way too clunky. Ahemx This book is on the list of Top Stand Alone Books in a series so perhaps no need to read the first. What didn’t work for me: It is raw, real and filled with such intense emotions – crazy, scary, fucked-up As soon as I finished reading this – I sent Madeline a message and told her that because of this book I have to go on a reading sabbatical.

And there were parts that royally pissed me off.

Unbeautifully (Undeniable, book 2) by Madeline Sheehan

It pulls you with the speed of a three year old in a candy factory and addicts you like a four day coke bin This series is one of those series you don’t want to admit to anyone that you’re reading, much less liking. I loved book 1 for the daring ride it took me on.


Geez, they were constantly avoiding the elephant in the room. Liked it more than first book. It was l I liked this story so much better than the first one.

They spend one blissful night together and assumed they’ll be able to pretend nothing happened the next day. Sorry ladies, no offense. While book one completely floored me and blew me away Unbeautifully didn’t quit hit that mark.


You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: While I wasn’t sure how much I would like Ripper and Danny’s story And if you think that they lived happily ever after, you are gonna get heartbroken A bad ass tattooed biker in a MC, who’s killed more than he can remember maybe he’s just blocked it outis scarred physically, has sex with a barely of age, way too perfect for him cause he says this inbeautifully and again.

But it seemed so tame and almost light in comparison to what I was used to from Madeline Sheehan. Thank you Maryse for all you do for us! Item s unavailable for purchase. I loved seeing more of characters we were introduced to in UnD, but getting a better glimpse of in UnB. But it was real, raw, heartbreaking and beautiful.


I devoured every madwline of this biker badass book! I really liked his acceptance of Danny and Ripper — he understood what it was to love someone so much-kudos to Deuce.

Book Review – Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan

Yeah it might have not been the greatest of ideas, but I loved it! How they work through their problems to an eventual happily ever after. A part of me is broken. They both were hurting so bad and there is not one fucking thing you can do about it besides hold on and just know in the back of your mind everything is okay in the end.

OMG best surprise ever! Once a man who always had a smile on his face, his life takes a turn for the worst when a tragedy befalls him, leaving him scarred and broken. Gut retching, scary, amazing, sjeehan, flawed, fucked up, intense, and I think some people read for escape and enjoy different content.

Madeline Sheehan is a great writer and I look forward to reading more of her work. I am honored that Madeline has given me the opportunity to read and review this book early. Cocksucker would fuck a hole in the wall. Yet, in some strange Madeline way, it all works out perfectly.