Legacy [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I noticed his eyes. They were blue, sharp and intense. Despite the youthful glows. Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy) [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the. Editorial Reviews. Review. Legacy, the first installment of the planned Legacy Trilogy, won First Place in the Reader’s Views Literary Awards.

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The cover is gorgeous and the story was most interesting. While I’ve read a variety of complaints about the author’s age upon the completion of this book 16I didn’t find the writing to be immature or juvenile.

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Is Hytanica going to be free? To view it, click here. I mean its a triology. Books by Cayla Kluver.

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I am in love with this book and with Cayla’s beautiful writing. Those lehacy writing geniuses. This book is pretty lengthy at almost pages and it covers a year of time in the life of Alera, so there are lots of details and situations thrown at you. Jun 26, Mara rated it did not like it Shelves: Please give him the happy ending he deserves. I kept on reading hoping that at some point she would realize that her country could and should fight for its freedom instead of remaining under occupation so that ‘no one would get hurt’ meaning Narian wouldn’t get hurtbut she yb changed her tune until the end.

It isn’t until the last few chapters when Alera leaves ny kingdom and we still need to know what is going on that following Shaselle makes any sense, but I ask you this But the peaceful times were shaken when a Cokyrian woman was arrested inside the Palace klvuer Alera’s bodyguard, London who was also some sort of father for her and best friend.


Legacy : Cayla Kluver :

I am personally encouraged by those that make a stand, defend their beliefs. Despite it’s initially slow pace, the plot was caypa and immediately pulled me in. On a more positive note, there was a rather large cliffhanger in the final pages of the novel which had some redeeming qualities I don’t want to give any more away for fear of spoilers. I can’t get over myself or the book or anything.

Alera truly has changed within the 3 books. I just couldn’t get over the long winded descriptions. I don’t want to say a lot First let me just say wow. Sacrifice is not one of my favorite books.

Legacy: Cayla Kluver: : Books

The lost boy and Kluver first began writing the caylw around the mids and finished her first rough draft of Legacy at the age of fourteen.

Long-winded descriptions of ballrooms, clothing, foods, textures, and more can slow down a story to a screeching halt. They’re in positions of power, and yet they stand there like petulant children, their faces screwed up in indignation, threatening to do something Rava will regret if she doesn’t listen, but they never do.

Seriously, guys, I think the publishing world has only done Kluver a disservice by publishing this work. Yes, people are dropping like flies around you, and your family is in a state of constant fear.

The author fell back into the over descriptive trance from the first book. This girl actually looks like my Alera you know the one I picture in my head Love the dress.

It made me love this book more. For example, no one ever walks from the ballroom to the garden, oh no! So be prepared to be hooked and then left wanting more.

Legady you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? In an interesting twist to the story, Steldor as a person, evolves in the book, and towards the end, Jluver wasn’t sure what to think of him. There are a few demonstrations of Cokyrian cruelty, but all that did was cause even more frustration with the characters.


Personally, I doubt it. What kingdom that you can think of has ever done that? The end of the book left my mouth hanging open, I wanted Narian or London, somebody at least to rush kulver and stop the wedding. In Legacy, Alera has a very difficult time with one of her suitors. It felt like my brain was leaking out through my face and I had the biggest headache you could ever imagine! This was the perfect middle ground between the slow pace of Legacy and the quick action-packed scenes of Allegiance.

In war, for peace, sacrifice is always necessary Then she goes and does something stupid that gets her into lots of trouble – and causes even more unrest between Cokyrians and Hytanicans in fact, Shaselle is behind a lot of what goes wrong for, well, everyone- then returns home to get yelled at by her mom some more.

When he ran off at the end, I was so excited. The Author’s writing has very markedly improved from her first novel, Legacy. Then I added sugar and drank my tea slo [image error] So I woke up this morning, and I used a red rubberband to tie up my kluveer hair with gold highlights. In fact though, Alera is just a figure head throughout the book, posing as the leader and making the speeches, while Cannan runs the kingdom.