Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre along with Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and Mohan Rakesh. His Kamala is a gyno-. Abstract: Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre. He reminds us other playwrights such as Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and . This research study is based on the play “Kamala” written by Vijay Tendulkar as he was also a journalist. He observed the inside of this institution and unveils.

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He does so for the sake to present this woman as witness to take revenge and earn respect in the comity of journalists. Like any avid journalist, he travels to the village, followed by really buying a girl tendjlkar Kamla Deepti Naval and takes her to his home in Delhi. This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

A Critical Analysis of Vijay Tendulkar’s Kamala

Sack me, well he? Kakasaheb tries to console Sarita for reconciliation with the situation. Hi, Bhabhiji, I mean, an English ‘he’ to him, and a Marathi ‘hai’ to you. Laugh, when he says, laugh.

His work boosts the circulation of the paper and the owner increases his salary, Jadhav happily moves to a small bungalow in jamala fashionable locality around New Delhi. Now see Sarita is exposing the real face of his husband Journalist who is an advocate of human freedom.

Imtiaz Shahid who guided me to see in the text to comprehend it. He is a little bit of crazy and upset.

कमला [Kamala] by Vijay Tendulkar

I have seen adivasis clawed to the bone by bear- lamala to the mission hospital on their own two feet. When Jain comes in, Jaisingh what is this new fashion? She is showing the picture of the journalist and his thinking.


But, she is feared and loathed as a whore. Jaisingh Jadav Marc Zubera Delhi-based journalist finds that even to this date, the flesh trade exists in a village in Madhya Pradesh, the victims being girls belonging to the Bhil tribe. There’s commitment behind it, there’s a social purpose She is indeed a “Lovely bonded labourer”, taking note of all phone calls, attending to Jadhav’s physical needs and running about in the house carrying out all his presumptuous instructions, an obedient and loyal wife.

There will be a high drama at today’s press conference. Those who do manly things should be equal to the man. And that none can affect any meaningful social or political change in India through English dailies, as they reach only a very small section of Indian population. The woman has been bought from the flesh market is an eponym character.

Why are not women ever the master? It is feminine area. A Study in the Yemeni Context But then in spite of her confidence and assertion she somehow overcomes her resentment and lives to console Jadhav when at the close of the play he is dismissed from his job by the proprietor under the pressure of very big people who are involved in this flesh market.

Realities are very bitter, that cannot be swallowed easily. I’ll spice them up a bit and print them. He presented the woman at a press conference. Women are half of the population of the world and she must be so strong like men to run all kinds of businesses.

It just does not get into their heads that you put different questions to a minister and adivasi. I reckon that in four or five year, I shall have built a bungalow. His unique plan is not difficult to understand what does he want? Tendulkar in his plays like Silence!

Discuss that, comment on it. Somehow, she painfully and shockingly realizes that she too, like Kamala, functions as a mere pawn in Jadhav’s game of chess.


The movie is based on Tendulkar’s play, which in turn is inspired by a real life expose by the journalist Ashwin Sarin, of The Indian Express. In the words of Tenduklar, “Kamla for me is not just a character, she is a living person, and she just doesn’t remain on my papers”.

कमला [Kamala]

Helen Unius Backiavathy, M. Wished for a bolder ending akin to Ibsen’s Doll’s House.

Tamasha was kmala traditional way of amusing people in the olden times especially at crushing or harvesting seasons. Gender and power are inevitably linked together in a society that witnesses a constant battle for aggrandizement. She is also showing the snaps of the slavery of woman in this male dominated society.

Sarita is in haze, bought her, how innocent she is! Nikhil Baisane rated it it was ok Nov 08, They always present firey and salty news to show that they are the only exclusive. On seeing a lot of details about the life and the achievement of a journalist are surely can be called a pen picture of a sensational journalist who is representing the journalists of his age.

When Jain asks, there is something fishy. Where from they had been brought?

Jaisingh removes all the layers by saying that editor was present at the meeting when the draft was being typed. His action and intention to leave Kamala at the Orphanage Home are witness to his clever mind. I turned the whole kamxla upside down to find this bazaar.

She discards her submissive attitude and decides to convene a Press Conference where she would expose to the whole world the real Jaisingh Jadhav.