Masail e Bahishti Zewar By Dr. Abdul Wahid مسائل بہشتی زیور Vol 01 Vol 02 Vol 01 (9MB) Vol 02 (5MB) Bahishti Zewar Al Bushra By Maulana. Kaleed e Masnavi Complete 24 Volumes authored by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ashraf Ali Thanvi r.a. This book contains comprehensive. Read Online Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume

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There are some salient differences in their biographies: There are other famous saying which confirms high status of Imam Ali such as, “Ana Madinat al-‘Ilm wa ‘Aliyu Babuha”, ‘I am the city of gnosis esoteric knowledge and ‘Ali is its gate’.

The highly respected 12th century Persian poet, Sanai Ghaznavi also mentions Hindus and Hindustan in his poetry: Dr Muhammad Masaud Ahmad.

– Kaleed-e-Masnavi Volume 1

O Lord what happened, This whole world is full of Infidels?! Masoud Mufti, Ashutosh Ojha. Excerpts from The Triumphal Sun: It would be surprising if the literary language proper of the Indian Muslims, viz. Whoever I am master to.


Molana Sayyad Mumtaz Ali. Muhammad Razaq Zareen Hanfi. The above mentioned poet Jehangir Hashimi, though of Persian extraction, lived at the court of the Arghun rulers in Thatta, Sind; after him there came a great number of poets who ‘kept warm the market of Divine Unity’ by reciting the Masnavi in this province.

All e-Books Below are in English. Here is the mystery of Lord. Consult a physician who takes motherly care of you.

Kaleed-e-Masnavi Volume 1

Alama Muhammad Masoud Ahmad. Nuestro Convento no es In this mxsnavi, Kabir has combined the philosophies of Sufism and Hinduism. A New Age Fad? There is no cap on meter and a Masnavi can incorporate one or all the 7 meters that are available in Persian and Urdu poetry. The Book of Love by Coleman Barks. Nicholson Annemarie Schimmel A. Every venture one’s life may replete Mathnawi’s purpose is Ego’s great defeat.

It is told masbavi one of the 18th century leaders of the Naqshbandiyya in Sind, Mohammad Zaman-e awwal, gave away his whole library and kept for himself only three books, namely the Koran, the Masnavi, and the Divan-e Shams Tabrizi. The English translation by Prof.


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Mufti Muhammad Hasham Khan. La Fata kalred Ali. Alama Jlal-ul-deen Ahmad Amjadi. Muhammad Khurm Sehzad Qadri. Amolia Ranjan Mahaptr, Yasir Jawad. It goes without saying that Indian scholars and mystics wrote numerous commentaries of the Masnavi; most of them date from the 17th century, the period of greatest scholarly and poetical activity in the Subcontinent. Imam Ali bin Umer Al Darqitny.

Muhammad Naeem-ul-Allah Khaan Qadri. The love story composed on request of Khizir Khan is prefaced with a brief history of the spread of the Islamic kalees in India under the Ghurid dynasty. They themselves become pure and precious.

Should the body be preferred to the soul? His verses are klaeed with freshness of thought, simplicity of diction, sweetness of language and beautiful ideas.