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Junius Maltby

After several weeks of training and getting to know Gabilan, Jody is told by his father that he will be allowed to ride the horse by Thanksgiving. This would be a place where we could come together and discuss these topics on a global scale – little did I know. This is basically an outline and background introduction to me, the channel and how the two came to be here. Jody, attempting to console his weary, nostalgic, and heartbroken grandfather, tells him that he wants to be a leader as well.

Junius Maltby is creating Videos, Blogs, Commentary on Precious Metals & Sound Money | Patreon

I have also applauded the threat that it posed to the suits – the central banksters and criminal cartel at the Fed. Mar 22, Susan Leisos rated it really liked it. I am alive and well! Were there more like me that also wanted to discuss these issues? After working for my dad at an early age, he asked what I wanted to be paid or perhaps I had stated before hand what I wanted, and that was a U.

Thank you to all of you for always keeping it going and keeping me at it. Oh how I relish this moment, celebrate this timeline, and applaud the destruction, crash, collapse and crisis that is the disastrous Ponzi scheme known as It was designed and minted as a channel “challenge” coin – a for the dedicated few who sit and suffer through the most boring channel on youtube.


Robbie is exposed to all this discussion and develops his own vivid imagination. All of these coins were American coinage. The ocean would destroy them. Their contributions motivate and bring about the content and information that is truly the marrow of this channels bones.

I post this out of respect and preservation should anything ever happen to his original site, this must be preserved! Tiflin — Jody’s mother; Jody’s grandfather — Mrs.

Wrong, wealth is taken, transferred. Carl Tiflin complains about how his father-in-law is constantly re-telling the same stories about leading a wagon train across the plains. Hearing their words and what the coin meant to them, made all of the time, effort, and cost worth it.

The truth is, his son would have been much better off living the life of creativity, freedom, and curiosity that he had while they were poor.

Jody stays by his side, constantly swabbing out the mucus that clogged the windpipe. When Robbie attends school, the kids don’t make fun of him as expected, but embrace him because of his personality. That’s the blank spot. We can confirm that we have tackled the problem.

This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat I enjoyed it however. If you are familiar with the game, there is never enough chairs for all of those “playing”. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Keeping the channel alive, motivated and accountable.


It was here where I decided to broadcast my observations and findings. I’m going to have to try and find The Pastures of Heaven now.

Junius Maltby 1 Oz Silver BU Round USA Made Very Limited Bullion Coin | eBay

Click here to sign If jhnius know this up front it makes it even more surprising to find out the main character, Janius Maltby, loves to read fiction, and this fact seems to be connected to the fact that he is a lazy bounder. Access to patron-only content Sneak peek photos of upcoming releases Patron-only polls. US unemployment checks set record.

He moves South and lives with a widow on her ranch, eventually marrying her and having a son. With money rushing from BTC to its two bastard children, people holding BTC saw a marked decrease in the valuation of what they were told was a “stable store of value”, “free of manipulations!

I even fashioned a wooden box, distressed it to look old, and made it my treasure, my hoard, my stacking box before there was even the term. The first summer after starting the channel – Jnuius went away. Billy Buck kneels down to her and realizes that “It’s wrong” [9] and that he “can’t turn [the colt]”. By the time he awakens, the pony has wandered out of the barn.

Recent posts by Junius Maltby. While Jody and Billy take care of the mare, Billy states that his mother died in childbirth and he was raised on mares’ milk.