John Romaniello’s Superhero workout. Hi everyone, Just curious if anyone has tried or took a look at John Romaniello’s Superhero workout yet. Build a Super Hero Body with trainer John Romaniello! The super hero workout builds the perfect physique; broad shoulders with a thin waist, streamlined with. A complete review of John Romaniello and Matt McGorry’s “The Super Hero Workout”. Find out why this muscle program rates a less than.

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June 28, at I sense there is going to be a lot of new Super Heroes running around by the end of the next twelve weeks! Darren Thomas My first post didn’t Dustie I think Hercules skperhero one of the better superheros.

The Super Hero Workout Review – Super Hero Workout by John Romaniello

As a result – I am constantly uohn my shape. Rashid Powdered toast man. RJ My favourite superhero is the Incredible Hulk! Fav superhero has to Wolverine, that guy is awesome and has a bad ass attitude to go with it!! Miguel The Punisher a. He talks great game and backs it up because he challenges himself every day. Though the core bases are covered with training and nutrition, be aware that there is no discussion of proper warm-ups or mobility work.

I have hit a plateau in my bench press. Perform A1, A2, A3 and A4 are sequentially, with NO rest between them; do not even set the barbell down between exercises. By way of demonstration, on the left, you see a picture of me.

September 24, at 3: I’ve been fat and overweight too long! From this powerful torso spring well-developed legs that are muscular enough to balance out the upper body, but still capable of fitting into a suit, or, perhaps even the occasional Star-Spangled unitard.


And, not surprisingly, after each of these films, these women were discussed more for the shape they were in than for the parts they played. Seems like he finally got his underwear on before his pants and now he wears a belt, too. Not like in the film, where he’s all lean, but the REAL superman of the comics. No super power, just a normal dude with crazy cool toyz!!

John Romaniello – The Super Hero Workout – Romans Fitness Books

Brian Rene Very cool idea for the workout! And yes, he’s pretty bad-ass.

July 18, at 8: Earth is at his disposal and can destroy any metal related mutants such as wolverine, Collossus, Iron-man, he can control Captain America’s shield making him useless, squeeze Batman until he explodes with his own bat-belt, the list goes on. The bottom, stretched, position of a calf raise superheroo held for 15 seconds—a brutal but effective means of making room in the fascia of this commonly tight muscle for growth.

The first number is the time in seconds you should lower the weight. Jonathan Quintana speedy gonzalez lol.

Super Hero Fat Loss Review (John Romaniello)

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Unfortunately, a slight lack of attention at the printer has its repercussions. Adam Batman is the best. No powers; just guile, intestinal fortitude, and a side dish of crazy. September 25, at 9: In addition being able to kick ass and take names, we want to look like we can kick ass and take names.


Herbert Olsen Mine would have to be the flash but as far as the actors bodies in movies thus far I’m the runt of the litter and always looked up to the big powerful guys.

Orion, Hercules HeraclesAchilles, Thor. Overall, I am happy with how i look but I would like more of that chiseled, dense, not puffy muscular look. Andrew The Flash for sure, because anyone ‘more powerful’ than the Flash is over powered and not fun. As we got older and went through our respective physique transformations, both each of us was able to draw constant inspiration from the bodies of the HEROES we admired.

The cool thing was that during our respective transformations, both of us were able to draw constant inspiration from the bodies of the HEROES we admired.

Derek My favourite super hero is Punisher because he doesn’t rely on fancy gadgets or weird super powers. I’m surprised you didn’t pick Deadpool, you know, the Merc with the Mouth. I really want my super hero body bro. Then just click on the next tab when you do the next exercise.

Perform 8 to 10 reps of each in sequence, resting only as little as you need to and when you need to. Just wanted to make sure you got them.

More powerful than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, able leap tall buildings in a single bound.