2nd Company Tactical Marine. Chapter Name: Botherhood of Steel; Founding: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding; Founding Chapter: Iron Hands. Looking for fellow Iron Hands brethren. I’m building my IH army and would love to track down the Iron Hands info offered in the Index Astartes III. A further departure from the doctrines of the Codex Astartes is the lack of Chaplains. The Iron Hands suffered terrible losses at the hands of the Traitor Marines.

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By the time the Imperium reached Medusa, however, the Telstarax was in ruins, brought low by the very catastrophe which ended the planet’s glory.

Ferrus, in a show of ruthless tactical cunning typical of the Gorgon, chose well where to send those of his sons he wanted to kill. Posted 27 July – Even on Mars, home to the Cult Mechanicum, hundreds of hereteks were discovered and tried during the Great Crusade, guilty of creating their own intelligent machines.

Though several ships were lost during the journey, most of them reached their destination, and their passengers quickly turned the newly christened Medusa into a very efficient station of mining and construction.

Anyone have PDF of Iron Hands Index Astartes??? – Space Marines – 40K Online

The Iron-Fathers fuel the hatred and anger of the Iron Hands with rousing speeches and oratories, encouraging its growth and intensity. The brotherhood shared by the Primarchs Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus, the Phoenician and the Gorgon, was well known in the Imperium at the time of the Great Crusade, as the two superhuman leaders formed an instant connection upon their first meeting. It was believed that their distance with common humanity may have been due to a flaw in their gene-seed, perhaps by causing an emotional severance with the rest of Mankind greater than that experienced by all Legionaries upon their ascension.

By utilising prophetic wave calculations of the triad of Moirae tech-mystics believed that they had discerned a series of predictive patterns within the micro-fluctuations of the Astronomican ‘s psychic beacon. They wailed in their dread for the fury of the storm seemed far from natural, and they felt certain the end of their world drew near.

Each Clan had a very real and distinct identity and each vied against each other for glory, attainment and for resources, as well as for the favour of their Primarch.

Freed from the debilitating Warp-craft, the surviving Iron Hands gave vent to their revulsion, blasting the Daemons apart in rains of ectoplasmic filth or tearing them limb from shimmering limb. He had no words to console them. Codices and Rulebooks Background Books.

While many believe that the head of undex Iron Hands Primarch was presented to Horus by Fulgrim after he was slain, other tales claim that it and the rest of his remains were given as a gift to, or perhaps stolen by, agents of the Dark Mechanicum with the goal of creating their own fearful Legion of twisted Astartes from his genetic makeup.

His elder brother, Nurgle, had yet to secure his own Legion for the Great Game. This feat earned Meduson much respect amongst all Legions, for even if it had been only for a moment, he had been a Legion Master in all but name.


The Primarch of the Iron Hands had been demonstrating his phenomenal skill and the miraculous powers of his liquid metal hands when Fulgrimthe Primarch of the III rd Legion, the Emperor’s Childrenand his elite Phoenix Guardhad descended upon the sprawling forge complex. The core idea behind it was to try and create a more feudal version of Necromunda, with the astartes serving as the ultimate power there but allowing the various factions to keep fighting and remain strong.

On the few spots were the ground was stable, Ferrus Astatres ordered cities to be built so that his people could seek shelter behind their walls. So began the time known in the histories of the Imperium as the Great Scouring. Tech-priests claim that it is because they lack the spark granted upon every device by the Machine-God, while scions of the Ecclesiarchy argue that any man attempting to emulate the God-Emperor by creating intelligent life is inviting divine punishment.

Though they voxed hails requesting medical aid and supply, the line of Astartes atop the northern ridge remained grimly silent as the exhausted warriors of the Raven Guard and Salamanders came to within a hundred metres of their allies.

To restore his wounded pride, Fulgrim led a brief shipboarding action where the Emperor’s Children wreaked bloody havoc on the troops of the Diasporex. Back to home page Return to top. Except for the highest-ranking members of the Inquisition such as those with the credentials required to access this archiveastartew within the Imperium may know the truth of the Forgotten War of Medusa, for it is related to one of the darkest forbidden technologies in existence, and the very knowledge of its astarges is considered ground for execution by many within the Ordos’ ranks.

I know that decay is inevitable, and that it shouldn’t be feared. There was lndex significance here, a message that he felt he was missing. Entire generations of infiltrators spent asttartes lives smuggling the Chaos warriors onto their planet, believing that their actions would earn them the favor of Nurgle in the afterlife.

His goal were the databanks of the planet, the repositories of knowledge of Dwell. Their anger grew as time passed, and even extended to a resentment towards those loyal Legions who could not protect the Emperor.

With the power of Chaos streaming from the blade, diabolical strength flooded Fulgrim’s limbs as he pushed against the power of Ferrus Manus, feeling his brother’s surprise at his resistance.

The Gorgon’s Forge (Iron Hands WIP)

Hundreds of Stormbirds and Thunderhawks roared towards the surface, their armoured hulls gleaming as the power of another four Astartes Legions arrived on Istvaan V. If purchasing multiple items check out the new shopping cart feature.

Sign in to check out Check out as guest. I like your conversions, especially the Centurion warsuits. If you were like me and most of the community at the time of their release I hated the derp fists and chest missiles that the vanilla Centurions had.


Ferrus looked on in stunned horror as Fulgrim laughed at the look on his brother’s face as the forces of his “allies” opened fire upon the Salamanders and Raven Guard, killing hundreds in the fury of the first few moments, hundreds more in the seconds following, as volley after volley of Bolter fire and missiles scythed through their unsuspecting ranks. Sadly does not have the giant 7″ blast it used to, but 2d6 hits at Str 10 AP -5 D 3 is nothing to sneeze at.

Then, they profit of the confusion to abduct as many humans as they can, massing them in their ships before disappearing, leaving behind them worlds filled with the ghosts of a murdered culture. All of them were placed in stasis coffins and hidden by Chaos cultists, sleeping out of time in wait for the moment of their awakening. Each and every one of those, at some point of their existence, turned against humanity, though some spared their creator before going on a rampage aimed at destroying the human race.

The Iron Hands revere the limited number of Terminator suits and Dreadnoughts that they possess, and treat them with the utmost respect and devotion. The augmentation of his body was a constant process, and he ceaselessly sought new ways of strengthening himself.

The jungle itself grew at an impossible rate, forcing the Astartes to burn the woods surrounding their bases simply to prevent them from being overgrown.

The Iron Hands despaired as to the fate of Mankind. Clans were notionally the Iron Hands’ equivalent of the Chapter formation of other Legions but again, on close inspection, were in practice possessed of a distinct character, being patterned to a larger extent on the Medusan feudal system and were linked to the planet’s nomadic barbarian populations as recruiting bases.

All Astartes enjoy the benefits of the Emperor’s genius in many ways, and one of those is their enhanced immune system. Overwhelmed with rage, the headstrong Ferrus Manus disregarded the counsel of his brothers Corax and Vulkan and hurled himself against the fleeing rebels, seeking to bring Fulgrim to personal combat. The Gaudinian Regiments of the Imperial Guard and the elements of the Death Guard were forced to purge the entire planet, one city at a time.

Through countless centuries the Iron Hands have remained unwavering in their faith and belief. During the 34 th Millennium, the horrific phenomenon known as the Pale Wasting swept into the galaxy, great swarms of refugees and intergalactic flotsam fleeing before its miasmic astarges. Ferrus Manus turned to face Fulgrim, his teeth bared with the volcanic fury of his homeworld.

To those not entrapped in such theological debates, however, there is another, darker possibility. For over 10, Terran years, the Sons of Ferrus Manus have stoked their burning hatred, drawing strength from this inexhaustible well of rage as they await their lost Primarch’s return.