Innocent Traitor is a historical novel by Alison Weir, published in It is the story of Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for nine days in Alison Weir, our pre-eminent popular historian, has now fulfilled a life’s ambition to write historical fiction. She has chosen as her subject the bravest, most. I am now a condemned traitor I am to die when I have hardly begun to live. Historical expertise marries page-turning fiction in Alison Weir’s.

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After the Reformation, you were either Catholic or Protestant: Even the executioner feels sorry for her. Although the ending of the book is well known throughout history Weir draws out her characters, in particular the devious Frances Brandon Lady Jane Grey’s mother and makes you believe you know these people, share their fears, dreams and wier What does come across in this account is Jane’s integrity: The book was OK, and by GR rating that means it should be given two stars, so that is what I am giving it.

Yet despite the patriarchal culture, strong women could and did emerge, women like Jane and her cousin, Elizabeth. You look at the events from the point of view of the character, in the event, at that time.

I think that may be going one step too far. So what do I like and not like about Innocent Traitor? She was alkson pawn, a defenseless child, whose life was taken because of fear and the unjust determination of her being a threat to Queen Mary. He does this by proclaiming his half sisters, Mary and Elizabeth I of Englandboth bastards and not fit to take the throne.

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir | : Books

May 05, Lora rated it it was ok. No longer was I tied to sources and to the strict discipline of historical interpretation, but I could give my imagination free reign. The author did not get me inside the head of Lady Jane Grey. It goes back to when I was researching a biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Innocent Traitor – Wikipedia

Jane relishes lessons in music, theology, philosophy and literature, but struggles to master courtly manners as her mother demands. How, in this environment, could a woman be permitted to ascend to the English throne? The story of Lady Jane Grey is both compelling and poignant. There are tough choices, and you will never please everyone. Writing the biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine, however, was my first attempt at recreating the life of a medieval woman, piecing together myriad fragments in an attempt to reconstruct a credible story – such is the challenge of mediaeval biography.


I can’t quite see Mary being that easily bullied. This may be the first book I’ve ever read where Elizabeth plays a supporting role rather than being the focus of the book. There is so much human interest to captivate the imagination, so many towering and colourful personalities, triumphs and tragedies, myths and mysteries, all played out against the magnificent backdrop of the greatest court ever seen in England, or the grimmer setting of the Tower of London, the cosy splendour of country houses and the teeming bustle of Tudor London.

My novel was based closely on this. While the cover exhorted me to cry for Jane, I did not but I have felt an overwhelming sense of sadness for this young girl since I read her story.

Most of this novel is true; Alison Weir has only added in bits here and there to add flavour, and these have all been recorded in a little blurb at the end of the book. The life of Lady Jane Grey attracted her interest because Jane “had the most dramatic and tragic story”, which offered Weir “many opportunities for dramatisation”.

That on the far left was painted by ‘Master John’ in When I was 14 my mother marched me into the library and told me to get a book out. Please continue in this manner. Stay in Touch Sign up. We are made complicit in her end. As the church of England was changed and reformed so often during King Henry VII’s rule it was imperative from King Edward’s dying wishes that the Lady Mary not be ascended to the throne as she is a devout Catholic and the church of England is now Protestant.

First and foremost, he wanted to remain in power, and he could imnocent do that if, after the death of Edward VI, England was ruled by someone malleable who would bow to his tutelage. The passage in question was the one in which the warrant for Katherine Parr’s arrest was fortuitously dropped in a corridor and found by one of her servants, who hastened to warn her.


Are they not similar in some ways? And was her mother really that awful? Is that a quirk of history, or were there political reasons behind it? She comes across as rather weak and depressed. Looking at my own child, I could imagine all too vividly how I would feel if I were Mrs Ellen and she my doomed charge.

Innocent Traitor Reader’s Guide

Would such a marriage be feasible? In giving narrative voice to her subjects Alison Weir brings us into emotional contact with them in a way that an unadorned historical account does not.

May 25, YoSafBridg rated it really liked it. View all inocent comments. The device of having multiple narrators is a useful one, making it easy to reveal the thoughts of key characters, but I’m not convinced that Wier has the novel-writing expertise to pull it off. Site Design by Ian Robinson. Are these convincing, given what is known about Lady Jane 2.

Apart from these complains, I must say I greatly enjoyed the book. There was no concept of childhood as a separate phase of development in Tudor times: Or was this just how the author portrayed alispn I am happy to say that I emerged from this process having learned a great deal that will be of benefit to me in the future, and that I will always be grateful to my very patient mentors!

I wrote the original draft in two months, called it Light After The Darknessand sent it to my agent. Will you be writing more novels? Were there facts that you felt you had to leave out because they would have seemed too far-fetched?

This book tells of Jane’s childhood and offers explanation to her conversion to the Protestant faith.