quality, and how to use HyperMesh to create 2D elements. Why Is 2D Meshing Carried Out On The Mid Surface? 2D Meshing Tutorials And Videos. I have written a Hypermesh primer in the following answer. Mukunda Madhava Nath’s answer to Finite Element Analysis: I am using Hypermesh as a. Direct Midmeshing with Altair HyperMesh HyperMesh provides a process to efficiently derive a midmesh from thin solid parts without the need to derive a.

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January 3, Hello everybody, Is it possible to read in a mesh generated by Hypermesh? Hypermesh is from Altair part of the hyperworks package. I’ve tried several outputs, Among which Ideas and Ansys, but they do not work. They all give the same error: C at line FOAM aborting Has anybody got an idea?

If not I will contact hypwrmesh and ask them for different mesh outputs. January 4, The message comes from the mesh being empty so it looks like the conversion has failed.

HyperWorks HyperMesh Core Tutorials | BAJA Tutor

The ideasToFoam was written some time ago to convert a mesh input file coming from Ansys. We only tested it on flange. January 13, We managed to convert a hyperMesh file. Hello Mattijs, Thanks for the update. I also just received a message from hypermesh-people that it should work.

I believe they have contacted you for this. March 17, FOAM aborting Aborted I then executed dos2unix since I generated the file on a windows machine but still no success. Regards and thanks Vivek. Compare to the flange. March 20, Hello, If you have created the mesh with hypermesh you indeed will have to use something like dos2unix, since hypermesh writes out hyperrmesh mesh-files in dos-format.


I’ve spoken mesuing some people from hypermesh hypremesh week.

They are now working on a conversion from hypermesh directly to openFOAM. I’ve provided them with some examples of the mesh-files from openFOAM and they will create either a conversion tool or maybe even a direct export option inside hypermesh. The more people mehsing ask hypermesh for a port to openfoam, the more likely that they will built it in to their next release.

Then you can use fluentToFoam utility.

Can anyone give me a solution? March 21, Try the Ansys format. See if it is similar to that flange. If so try the ideasToFoam in the new version it has been renamed to ansysToFoam. Actually Mattijs, that one is very problematic: It came as a way of getting a mesh from Mehing and we didn’t have a sensible export format. I’m not sure we’ve got a meshng that can read the ansys mesh. January 14, Hi all, which is the actual situation with Hypermesh?

I tried to use ideasUnvToFoam to convert files but I still got some tytorials. Is there someone who succeeded in solving it? Thank you in advance Francesco. January 15, Which version are you using?

I’m using the fluent format, which I convert by using fluentMeshToFoam.

HyperWorks 11.0 HyperMesh Core Tutorials

The problem with the current release is that they write nastran files, even though it says write fluent or whatever. The boundary condition definitions are a bit of a hack: How are the boundary conditions being defined for the Fluent and unv outputs? Hi Guido, I’ve changed from version 7. Where can I find your update?


Is it available somewhere? Hello Francesco and Mark, We have had an update from Altair. If you send me an email I will send you the files, you need to extract them in your install directory of HW and it will create the correct translators.

Or you could contact Altair and request this update from them, it was an unofficial update from the USA department of Altair. Hello, The update I was speaking about is the same as the one from Florian.

It works perfectly for us.

Hi, This patch is the actual one, but it will be updatet from time to time. So I can let you know if we have a new cfd update with significant changes on our ftp site BB code is On.

All times are GMT The time now is Add Thread to del. Page 1 of 2. Hello everybody, Is it poss. The message comes from the mes.

We managed to convert a hyperM. Hello Mattijs, Thanks for t. Hello Guido, Hello Mattjis, Tutoruals. Hello, If you have created.

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Nicolas As I wrote in my prev. Actually Mattijs, that one is. Hi all, which is the actual si. Hello Francesco, I’m using.

Hi Guido and Francesco, For. Hi Guido, I’ve changed fro. Hello Francesco and Mark, W. Hello, The update I was spe. Hi, This patch is hutorials actua. December 12, February 21, September 9, February 18, April 24,