GIVE YOUR CHILD THE GIFT OF LITERACY with books and teaching tools that As Glenn Doman points out, reading is a function of the brain, like seeing or. “How to teach you baby to read” by Glenn Doman gave a great start to Ed’s Early Learning. This is a detailed review based on our experience. How to Teach Your Baby to Read has ratings and 66 reviews. Pete said: To ANYONE who wants their kids to grow up with super reading skills this is i.

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Will it HURT them?

yohr I was inconsistant with it however, and so I haven’t seen the full benefit and outcome with a child that gets this process consistently. First, you can teach them to read. The dots are larger than the dots on the red dot cards. A perspective-changer on brain growth, how language is learnt and how much children can take in during the early years.

I feel like this book could have easily been all condensed into an article. So I opt for a size that is perfectly visible to even small babies but also cheap, convenient, and user friendly.

This worked brilliantly and ensured that Ed was more receptive and enjoyed any method we introduced. Reading Word Cards These single word cards and couplet cards provide a fun and easy way to teach your baby to read. But a couple of my children are still very young so I can still try! I CAN tell you that a kid that knows more than many of his teachers in grade school can be a challenge My concern is that he will learn to read and yet be missing some of domn most basic tools he needs to continue learning on his own.

Parental guilt aside, it was really interesting to me to read about the studies that have led up to the book’s initial goal of teaching young children to read.


Oct 10, Tiana Thai rated it liked it. Treating reading like a game and doing it in small doses seems to work, as evidenced by the numerous testimonials towards the end of the book. I prefer to bind my cards and look through them like a book. Starting at ten weeks old is for parents who are doing the Doman newborn program.

I was most intrigued by the chicken and egg question presented by the authors about so many early readers entering gifted programs. From the reading kit, there is a series of some thirty visual stimulation cards of black and white images such as domna fish, a square, a star, etc. I am a mommy to Ed, a gorgeous, bright and super active toddler. I’m actually kind of anxious to get my hands on other books in the genn series, and buy many of the materials from the Gentle Revolution’s website which are WAY cheaper than that Your Baby Can Read thing you see on television, by the way.

Scientifically created by a brain researcher. Babies are natural born geniuses. Your child intuits the rules — e.

I like the idea behind the title. He remembers what he reads far better than others. I’ve applied these ideas of teaching babies from all the books the Domans have written, and had my children reading at age 3, learning to speak youd reading my autistic sonrecognizing a “giant walkingstick” in a natural history youe even though he was so young he didn’t have a very large tesch –this flashcard system works.

Every parent should read all of Doman’s books. He and The Institutes are famous for their pioneering work with brain-injured children and for their work in early development for well children.

Glenn Doman | Doman Method | Doman Books | Early Learning Expert

Recomendado para todos los padres interesados en darles a sus hijos el mejor regalo de sus vidas. Note that the Domans advise lots of repetitions of the flashcards. Hi Katja, I do,an found that it is actually not necessary to put everything onto flash cards. For example, the author spends way too much time harping on the evils of playpens, when I don’t think playpens are really popular anymore at all except as a sleep space.


The first six chapters in the book discuss the Doman Philosophy in detail. My other languages experiences have not been good. La fecha que he puesto de lectura es estimada.

About Us Hi and welcome to our site! Parental guilt aside, it was really interesting to me to read about the studies that have led up to the book’s initial goal of teach This book was far more interesting than I had thought it would be going into it. Education begins at six — while learning begins at birth! This debate has being going on for decades and I am no expert on the pros and cons of whole word vs phonic approach.

As Doman’s views on language and language acquisition provide erad of the foundation for his methodology, I find it troubling that he relies upon outdated information to support a number of points.

Give your child the greatest gift to learn and have a magical bond with father and mother. So far, baby likes learning to read.

How to Teach Your Baby to Read

Now that he is older and talking, he just tells us what he wants to do whether it is watching a dvd, starfall or playing with his learning apps on the Ipad. One card is shown to domn baby ten times a day and a new card is introduced each day. I love that it inspired me to be a more dedicated mother. Jun 20, Jessica rated it liked it.