How To Pray [R. A. Torrey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . How to Pray is a riveting and compelling call to prayer. Pastor, educator. Table of Contents Preface to How to Pray Chapter 1 – The Importance of Prayer Chapter 2 – Praying Unto God Chapter 3 – Obeying and Praying Chapter 4 -. How can we learn to pray effectively? Renowned evangelist and Bible teacher R. A. Torrey says that there are key biblical principles which must be followed if w .

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Often God by His Spirit lays upon yow a heavy burden of prayer for some given individual. When you speak to them about these things they will confront you at once with the question, “Is there any command in the Bible not to do this thing? He really inspires prayer, but I think E. Another great awakening in Ireland in had a somewhat similar origin.

Concise chapters and approachable language on prayer. Many a man who makes great pretentions to piety, and is very active in Christian work, shows but little consideration in his treatment of his wife, and is oftentimes unkind, if not brutal; then he wonders why it is that his prayers are not answered.

I am not sure where the author was going with this. Let us consider first of all what a general revival is.

Each day of r.a.tirrey prayer life finds me liker to my glorious Lord. Perhaps he is a very stormy man by his natural make-up, but troubles and conflicts and reverses and bereavements may sweep around him, and the peace of God which passeth all understanding guards his heart and his thoughts in Christ Jesus.

How to Pray by R.A. Torrey

Bh have had local revivals. Oftentimes when one waxes confident in prayer, some cautious brother will come and say: At other times God doubtless will keep us in communion with Himself away into the r.a.rorrey, and when He does this in His infinite grace, blessed indeed are these hours of night prayer! Very minor things to disagree on, supported with Scripture, and supported with the similar experiences and teachings of other devoted saints.


The history of the church has always been a history of grave difficulties to overcome.

How to Pray by R.A. Torrey

Doubtless the reason so many have so little faith when they pray, is because they take so little time to meditate upon and thank God for blessings already received. This is the thought of the context. The fifth hindrance to prayer is found in Mark And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto Him, though He bear long with them? By many who did not know, it was thought that this marvelous work came without warning and preparation, but Rev.

That is r.a.tofrey question for each to decide for himself, prayerfully, seeking light from the Holy Spirit. It is always so. You are a book infidel, and I have no learning, but I simply want to say if you are ever converted, I want you to let me know.

A general revival is a time when this new life from God is not confined to scattered localities, but is general throughout Christendom and the earth. Hlw look at the fads and errors that have sprung up out of this loss of faith, Christian Science, Unitarianism, Spiritualism, Universalism, Babism, Metaphysical Healing, etc.

There is much of sin covered up under the holy name of marriage that is a cause of spiritual deadness, and of powerlessness in prayer. I know the 4 p’s of prayer; Praise, Purify, Pray and Praise. Seven ministers, five from Scotland and two from England, settled in prat country, the earliest arrivals being in Torrey shares spiritual guidelines of answered prayer in this power, dynamic book, including: Moody made the call.

HOW TO PRAY by R. A. Torrey on The Importance and Method of Prayer

Be constant and persistent fo your asking. We rush into God’s presence, run through a string of petitions, jump up and go out. George Muller prayed for two men daily for upwards of sixty years. There is every indication of the coming of a mighty and widespread revival. Some people have the gift for that, but majority of people do not. There is infinite grace at our disposal, and we make it ours experimentally by prayer. I said to God, “If this is wrong I will give it up”; but still no answer came.


To study the Word to find what God’s will is as revealed there in the promises, and then simply take these promises and spread them out before God in prayer with the absolutely unwavering expectation that He will do what He has promised in His Word.

Then I was encouraged by the promises.

Many explanations have been attempted that to ordinary minds do not explain. Early one morning in the Chicago Avenue Church prayer room, where several hundred people had been assembled a number of hours in prayer, the Holy Spirit fell so manifestly, and the whole place was so filled with His presence, that no one could speak or pray, but sobs of joy filled the place.

Finney in his lectures on revivals tells of other remarkable awakenings in answer to the prayers of God’s people. Many regard it as a mark of intellectual superiority to reject the Bible, and even faith in God and immortality. Very interesting This book has open my awarenesses to a lot of points in my life where I have to in crease and decrease when it come to pray.