Faceless Killers (Kurt Wallander) [Henning Mankell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One frozen January morning at 5am, Inspector. From the dean of Scandinavian noir, the first riveting installment in the internationally bestselling and universally acclaimed Kurt Wallander series, the basis for. Faceless Killers [Henning Mankell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the dean of Scandinavian noir, the first riveting installment in the.

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Faceless Killers – Wikipedia

The unfamiliar to me setting and political environment added to the interest. It is about the life of Kurt Wallander and everything else, including the mystery, kilpers just a part of his life.

Interestingly Wallander does concede that the fragmentation of his family is something he could have halted, growing apart from his wife and losing connection with his daughter at fifteen when the marriage was floundering. And that brings us to Kurt Wallander himself.

Maria Lovgren is taken to hospital, but dies anyway. He is a flawed character,makes lots of mistakes. Interestingly, the Linda Wallander series is partly inspired by diaries kept by a policewoman somewhere in Sweden – Mankell had contacted a source in the Swedish Police Academy. This is another excellent book in the series from this terrific writer.

Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell – Reading Guide – : Books

The dread of something menacing that you felt when you were a child returns when you get old. Excellent crime novel, very atomspheric and suspenseful He loved the ship’s “decent, hard-working” community and considers his time at sea his “real university”. When the Immigration Services minister appears on national TV arguing that the police have a lack of interest in ensuring the safety of immigrants it is easy to see how the media angle can be skewed to stir killerd fractious tempers and cause further unrest.


We gain insight into Kurt Wallander’s personal life: How does Wallander feel about his estranged wife? View all 15 comments. Yet he still manages to work on the case with the tenacity of a bedbug, and six months after the killings, with nothing but perseverance, he gets the break in the case he needs and finds the killers.

True crime

How does it help him solve the murder of the Somali refugee? Da ne govorimo o Kenetu Brani koji je presonalizovao britansku verziju serijala o inspektoru Valanderu I am not really a big fan of mystery whodunnit books but this one really hooked me from start to finish. By the eighth novel, Firewallto be published here next yearthe stress and strain of detective work have taken their toll. In this vaceless, readers might be interested in his stand-alone novel Kennedy’s Brain faceeless thriller set in Africa and inspired by the AIDS epidemic Mankell often traveled to Africa to help third world populations ; or read his The Eye of the Leoparda haunting novel juxtaposing a man’s coming of age in Sweden and his life in Zambia.

Sep 01, Kemper rated it really liked it Shelves: Given his erotic dreams and pursuit of the attractive deputy prosecuting attorney, Anette Brolin, it seems more likely that he was wilfully blind to his own emotions and delaying facing the truth. Jan 19, Ben Loory rated it it was ok. Really interesting to read as well as the crime story you get involved in Wallenders personal life and he comes across as a normal human being who just happens to be a detective.

The landscape there, with its flat stony heaths, reminds Mankell of Africa. Yet even Mankell could not have foreseen the catastrophe of September 10, when Sweden’s foreign minister Anna Lindh was murdered while out shopping in Stockholm.


Something he ought to remember.

However, it was certainly good enough to add the next Wallander adventure to my list. Of course there’s something new and strange in them for Anglo-Saxon readers, but they’re also curiously, comfortingly familiar.

Faceless Killers Reader’s Guide

Another time, the children’s school holidays were prolonged as their father investigated a mnakell murder. There are false leads and I have to admit I wasn’t sure what was going on in the killres part of the time.

It was first broadcast on 3 January However, despite so many personal problems, he shows us how professional he is as he deals with the murders of an elderly couple, racial unrest and the murder of an immigrant worker. His instincts tell him that he should not get involved with her and yet InEhnning Killers won the first ever Glass Key awardgiven to crime writers from the Nordic countries.

The first of these, Before the Frostconcerns a religious doomsday cult and has soldcopies in Sweden so far. Most Americans hennign a rather idyllic view of life in Sweden. One day an orderly hurried upstairs to ask little Henning if he could borrow his toy cars. Since Sweden is in the midst of a large influx of foreign nationals seeking asylum — and being mightily resented by native Swedes, Wallander knows that he has a big weight on his hands.