Pay for Performance and Evaluation System Summary. November Monroe County. Agenda. Pay for Performance. Process breakdown. Halogen Software. Halogen eAppraisal™ Education transforms this administrative task into a strategic activity, so your organization can drive accountability and make the review. Herndon, Virginia-based Network Solutions selected Halogen eAppraisal™ to automate performance evaluations for more than employees in multiple.

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Trying to achieve overall talent mobility objectives? The standard set includes: And yes, Halogen eAppraisal interfaces easily with other HR systems.

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Free yourself from nagging — and the time and hassle it takes. The pack also includes halkgen that give you guidance, tips and tricks for creating your own highly effective forms. Activity tracker provides three different views: The Employee Lifecycle Pack is included free with Halogen eAppraisal, and gives you a ewppraisal start by providing you with a comprehensive library of form templates that address every stage of the employment lifecycle, so you can be sure you: Get straight-forward, line-of-sight views of cascaded corporate goals for both managers and employees: The beauty of Halogen eAppraisal” flexible employee evaluation forms is that they adapt to your performance appraisal system rather than imposing a narrow template or a fixed number of options.

The task can absorb precious eappraial of manager and HR time, fussing with the right words. Eapprisal superior and intuitive profile search capability that lets you easily find and compare suitable internal candidates. Unlike other products on the market, Halogen eAppraisal even lets you use different types of ratings for different competencies on the same form, so you can mix and match to suit your needs.


Engaged employees are proven to be more productive and passionate, leading to higher returns. Link Career and Employee Development to Competencies Just as you can align employee and organizational goals, Halogen eAppraisal lets you link development activities to specific competencies. Just as you can align employee and organizational goals, Halogen eAppraisal lets you link development activities to specific competencies.

Managers can easily assign individual goals to one or halogrn employees and link them to corporate goals. Easy-to-set milestone dates specifically support your performance review process throughout the year.

Organizational Goal Management Made Easy Uses the best-practice organization-centric model versus people-centric to align employee goals to the overall organizational strategy.

Adjust the nuance of the selected text to be more or less favorable in order to better match performance. For example, how well was the competency demonstrated, how frequently was it demonstrated, how important is it, etc. Get the Information You Need Dashboard reports require no configuration — data is automatically presented based on your reporting structure.

Halogen eAppraisal

Give eaplraisal recruiters, hiring managers, project leaders and others the tools they need to easily uncover hidden talent, foster collaboration and identify suitable internal candidates, every time.


Choose from the feedback types and haloge provided, or configure your own. See our case study on savings. Build in multiple approval steps — up to four managerial levels of approval in addition to HR — to suit your needs. User Reviews of Halogen eAppraisal. All without leaving Halogen eAppraisal!

Avoid legally questionable language. Identify areas for professional or career development based on: Launching a new project that requires special knowledge or skills?

Share feedback anytime, anywhere using Feedback Central on Halogen Mobile. Track and update goals in real time using Halogen Mobile. Eappeaisal to identify the best internal candidate for an open position? Track Progress Now you no longer have to guess! That’s because everything is automated and customizable with point-and-click simplicity. Pull feedback directly into employee performance appraisals to provide direct support for ratings and comments.

Share Information While Maintaining Confidentiality and Security Security limitations with traditional employee profile systems mean they can only provide two profile views: Halogen eAppraisal career and development planning makes it easy for eaporaisal to: