The Gargant is a source of great pride for the Ork Warboss who owns one as it shows both his great richness in Teef (the Ork currency, and quite literally Ork. Gargants have a special weapon location known as a “belly gun”, which houses either a Gut Buster mega-cannon or a Snapper close assault. Find great deals for RARE Vintage Warhammer Epic 40k Ork Great Gargant Figure OOP. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Massive cannons, insane rapid-fire gatling cannons, a veritable plethora of lesser guns, occasionally a Rokkit that can be fired from the Stompa piloted by Grotz willing or otherwiseand not so occasionally six such Rokkits.

Due to this, they are somewhat rare; the amount of bullying and vying for resources required to get them built ensures that only the most ambitious Ork Warbosses can raise their massive bipedal forms.

Very easily the best Gargant I have ever seen. Use the bearers weapon skill when firing this weapon. Gargants are commonly equipped with at least one yargant weapon, because charging in and bashing heads is considered greag be a very “Orky” thing to do. Snappa 6″ Macro 1 12 -4 4 Use the bearers weapon skill when firing this weapon.

Nothing can stop a Gargant, not really, it will continue to push forward, driven against all opposing forces by sheer, undiluted determination gragant refusal to accept the laws of physics. Snappers are powerful enough to bite through the armour of Titans, amputating legs. The removable armor plates are genius.

40K Loremaster: Ork Gargants – Bell of Lost Souls

How many different sub-assemblies did you paint this thing in? Retrieved from ” http: My Biel-Tan army revival. Mega Skorcha 24″ Assault 4d6 7 -2 greag This weapon hits automaticaly. Killa Kans are giant metal canisters on piston-driven legs that sport lethal close combat attachments and heavy-duty weaponry.

There is no set size for a Gargant, although the smaller ones are more often called Stompas. They rig experimental weaponry and shielding to the frame, and send it into battle wired up and filled to the brim with bits and gubbins.

  IEEE 200-1975 PDF

Two generally accepted sub-categories of Stompa are the Goff Stompa, and the Mek’s Stompa, as described below. Once completed the Mega Gargant would be so big that not even its legs would be effective anymore, and would instead rely on the trusty old treads. D6 roll 2 dice and discard the lowest half of dice. In addition, the Gargant will also be able to support many Gatling Cannons, Flamersand myriad other types of death dealers.

It carries a large number and variety grreat weapons including the ” Mega-Dropper. I really love the detail. Now dem ‘umie Stompa’s are gettin’ a codex, we won’t be far behind!

RARE Vintage Warhammer Epic 40k Ork Great Gargant Figure OOP

Times and dates in your local timezone. It has the traditional stubby, clunky and, frankly, silly said lovingly, of course shape that one expects from a gargant, but the scaffolding, chain, and layers of pointed metal, coupled with the paintjob, give it a more real and menacing feel – sort of 40k ‘s Orks meet Firefly’s Reavers.

The Great Gargant is twenty-one inches tall and nineteen inches wide. It could be said that the Mega Gargant prioritize as a gigantic line breaker that could instantly turn the tide of a long-drawn slug out. If a game would have an ability which would cause mortal wounds via eg exterminartus or an opponent would activate an eg orbital barrage you may choose to cancel such effects, by the gargant simply shooting down the battleship in orbit. There are nine removable armor plates on the Great Gargant to keep track of destroyed structure points, five on the body and four on the shoulders.

The majority of Great Gargants are often accompanied by other smaller Gargants or Stompas, due entirely to the fact that any Waaagh! The standard Stompa if such a word can be applied to ramshackle Ork technology generally possesses one arm with some sort of massive hammer or chainsword or equally suitable melee weapon, with the other outfitted with several massive guns and rokkit launchers, with the torso festooned with more ranged weapons, though not as large or powerful as the main ranged weapon on the arm.


Gargant | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They are somewhat rare as the amount of bullying required to get them built ensures that only Ork Warbosses can raise their massive bipedal forms. Not as technologically advanced as their Imperial and Eldar counterparts, Gargants are still fully capable of destroying the Titans of other races. The shots have hit the target, the target unit takes a mortal wound for each successful hit.

Stomped To Be Stomped My vision of how 40k ends: Ads by Project Wonderful! These are essentially a Gargant on steroids, and are often powerful enough to hold garganh own against other races’ Titans without the need to gang up on them like their smaller kin.

great gargant image – Orc clan and Orks fantasy and monsters fan group

Grea with such choppy attachments are sometimes referred to as Slasherz or Slasher-Gargants. The Gargant’s shots have impacted nicely into the target, Mork has deemed the Gargant’s target to be a bad enemy, the target unit takes D3 mortal wounds per successful hit.

These Titan-like monstrosities mount the latest Mek weaponry, such as the “Lifta-droppa. A delightfully mad work of art!

I have 2 things to say to you good man This model may take a captive Weirdboy for points. Ork Gargants are the largest land-based Ork fighting machines.

This activity quickly spreads amongst other Big Meks in the local Ork-settled area who seek to compete in Gargant-building, and soon Gargants spring up all over the place.