Gita Govindam, lyrical poetry in Sanskrit celebrating the love between Krishna and the gopis, specifically Radha, is authored by Jayadeva, the. Gita Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary (In Sanskrit Only). Item Code: NAD Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher: Rashtiya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. Gita Govindam In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1: | PDF Link| Text Link Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link.

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They searched for him in every grove, bewailing all the while. Now, there are numerous. So far the personality of Supreme Person is portrayed with his attributes and endowments svaruupa ruupa guNa vibhuuti and now the poet is appealing on his own, and on behalf of fellow devotees to bestow beneficence. I highly recommend others to use this site. He is competent to relieve the Earth of her load.

What a lion-man, Keshava: Krishna is otherwise busy anyaasakta so she had to lug him along by catching his silk upper cloth. Krishna, earth, and wild boar are black; while boar’s fang and crescentic moon like fang are white.

Gita Govinda – Wikipedia

And rest assured that I will soon order more books. Hence, the poet is focussing his attention on Krishna alone. Hence, he alone is to be venerated for he not only accords deliverance, but also becomes a blissful partner during lifetime. Krishna embraces a gopikisses another, gladdens yet another, looks at another with a beautiful smile and follows another pretty one.

Gita Govindam –

Showing him whose get up is: This resplendent song by Poet Jayadeva delights people and. On one level it narrates the loves of Radha and Krishna as simple cowherds, but the poem also celebrates nature’s regeneration through sexual congress, the interplay of the human and divine, and the profound mystery of erotic experience.

I have been searching the words to this ever since I heard the beautiful rendition of a verses of this by Kavita Krishnamurthy in the Swami Vivekananda film song is called Govinfam. Assuming the form of a wild boar, Oh, Keshava, you lifted up the sinking earth with your snout, but stuck and lodged on the edge of your otherwise blemishless fangs, she looked more like the blemish embedded on the otherwise blemishless moon, yet you, as an eternal sustainer of earth, allowed her to abide and spin there, whereof oh, Hari, you are the Almighty of gofindam, hail to thee From Wikipedia, the free get.


Ramayana is in 24, verses and this work is in 12 chapters. In this sweet spring time etc. He incarnates himself on kn to save people from the torture imposed by certain negative forces. Then they are the secrets about those plays, of which the poet wishes to tell, but not how secretly the plays are played, and Krishna is no covert player, either in these dance dramas of Bhaagavata or in the politics of Maha Bhaarata.

Assuming the mien of Parashu Rama, the saviour of the world, Oh, keshava, ih filled five pools called shamanta pancaka with the blood of atrocious Kshatriya govindaam, and making the saskrit to bathe in it, thus ceased is the worldly torridity of people and swerved are their sins, whereby oh, Hari, you are the Almighty of worlds, hail to thee Assuming the body of kind hearted Buddha, Get, keshava, you find fault with the animal sacrifices in the methods of Vedic rituals taught by scriptures, and even with the collection of those scriptural words themselves, what a revamp in religious methods Carrying the fragrance of ketaki flowers, the spring air burns the hearts of those who are separated from their loved ones as if it is the sanskrlt of the God of love.

The whole work is divided into twelve chapters sargaseach chapter containing one or more prabandhas. In this springtime that has thickets full with bunches of showy yellow flowers, on which swarms of honeybees are hurley burley It is evening, clouds are gathering in the sky, the forest is dark with tamala trees and Krishna is afraid of the darkness of night.

The cuckoos also play and sing their songs sitting on the tops of mango trees inflicting pain in the ears of couples separated by long distance. Again, thank you very much.

University of Chicago Press, The aesthetic experience became a religious one, a state of total absorption in, devotion to and enjoyment of Krishna. Now let us see some of the dance gestures for this stanza from nritya lakShaNa samhita: The mango tree embraced by the chameli creeper becomes ecstatic sansktit sprouts buds.

The word Keshava is a formation of ka iisha va where kaH is Brahma; iisha is Shiva; xanskrit born from Vishnu; ka iti brahmaNo nAma eSo aham sarva dehinaam avaam ta ange sambhuutau tasmaat keshavo naamavaan nirukta bhaaSyam. Another gopi dances mingling the rhythmic tinkling of her bracelts with the sxnskrit from the flute of Krishna who praises her for her skills. How can one Krishna become many at a time, is its sequel. Based on your browsing history. Retrieved from ” https: At the last words of this verse, that uncle sprang up to his feet in ire, and almost said to have stifled Jayadeva to death, for uttering such ‘blasphemous poetry’ on ‘that’ god.



Next 2] Bharata Muni – for dance drama. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gita Govinda. That vermilion mark on his chest appears as a seal lakSmii has put, because there is no too generous accord of fortune.

Thus Brahma and Shiva are born from the body of Vishnu. Krishna is the eternal male: You stop at every tree and step slowly.

Jayadeva Gita Govinda

Gita Govinda with Abhinaya. Poet Umaapatidhara uses words with prolixity and with expansile meanings; poet Sharana is praiseworthy for his unpronounceable speedy wordplay; none is an antagonist to the scholarly poet Govardhana, for he inferentially prioritises romance; poet Shrutidhara is renowned as an expert wordsmith; poet Dhoyii is a king among poets; but poet Jayadeva govundam knows the situational properness of words and wordplay.

Jayadeva developed the aesthetic experience of love, and the songs typically end with dedications to Krishna, which urge readers to cultivate an appreciation of a taste that is both mental discrimination and physical relish.

The basis for this work is the 5 chapters 29 to 33 of Srimadbhagavatam known as Rasapanchadhyaayi which describe the events leading to the rasaleela, the great dance on the banks of the Yamuna where each gopi thinks that Krishna is with her. You must log in to post a comment. This verse has sringaara sambhoga; naayaka dakShiNa; alankaara anupraas; metre vamshastha. Oh, Shri Krishna, let this brilliant and auspicious song on you rendered by poet Jayadeva, be auspicious and rejoicing to the singers and listeners as well, hail, hail to thee, oh, god… [a pa 2 9].

Thou, from whom the day star derived his effulgence Wonderful items and service! In Kalki’s body you became a sword to scourge the foreign people, comet-like in fire, Keshava: