Open-aperture manual, no facility for replacement back, auto winder or dedicated (1/3rd step), EV2-EV/3 (f/ 1/2 sec – f/ 1/ sec. with ASA film). The Fujica STX-1 was marketed by Fuji during the late s and The STX-1 is entirely manual, a battery is only required to run the meter. The Fujica STX-1 was manufactured by Fuji during the late s and early s and was their entry level SLR during Everything about the STX-1 is manual.

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Fujica STX-1

This is a review and description of a very popular 35mm manual focus single lens reflex camera — the Fujica STX The camera seems to be fully functioning, and in a clean and tidy state, the only slight issue I found was that a small part of the light seal around the focusing screen had stuck to the bottom edge of the mirror.

It only took a couple of seconds to remove that with a pair of tweezers.


If I get to put a film through it I will need to replace all the light seals because they have all disintegrated to the usual sticky mess that cameras of this vintage have. The exposure system is powered by a couple of SR44 batteries and is of the manuap needle variety.

Although not very sophisticated, I find this system easy to use and uncomplicated. The shutter speed selected manhal shown in the viewfinder by way of a mechanical flag on the left hand side, and the exposure meter needle is on the other side.

Fuji Optical: Fujica STX-1 Price Guide: estimate a camera value

Metering is done at full aperture with the lens being stopped down as the shot is taken by a small lever in the kanual mount. The viewfinder also incorporates the almost standard split rangefinder style focusing aid in the middle, a micro prism ring around that and then a ground glass screen for the rest of the view.

The lens is amnual lot like the lenses fitted to similar entry level cameras of this era. I have tried this camera out with a roll of Fomapan developed in caffenol, for the results see here. As with any photographer, film choice is a personal preference.


With the Stx-1, I found that Fuji film produces the best color, and sharpest images.

I have used my STX-1 for 37 years, and it takes just as fantastic photographs today as it did brand new. My grandfather passed away and I received this camera. Was manul of its value as I am not a photography person al all.

Thanks for your help. A standard Fujica STX-1 is only worth a few pounds. The Fujinon 50mm f1.

Fujica STX-1 Film Camera Body Parts Repair Tips & How Tos, Questions & Solutions – Fixya

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