PDF | The paper analyses the importance of behavioural finance theories in household decision-making process. Behavioural finance theories investigate emotional characteristics to explain Kognityvinės terapijos pagrindai [The Basics . gyventojų elgsenos teorijos tyrinėja rinkos dalyvių emocines. solutions. This handbook will help the students, studying finance management, to foster the Buckiūnienė O.() Finansų teorijos pagrindai. Vilniaus. Finansų pagrindai (FIN). Annotation. This is an introductory course in finance. Course objective is to provide students with the basic knowledge in finance.

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It frequently occurs that achievement of acceptable tax norms leads to additional financial or social loss.

It can be stated that the higher the standard deviation, the higher the range of variance in anticipated results and, thus, the more risky the alternatives of decision are observed. Quantitative evaluations, based on conceptions of uncertainty or risk, become not only prerequisites for financial decision but also a reason for motivation and even psychological influence.

Pocius ; I. Analysing and applying quantitative models of finances, stochasticity of the anticipated results and possibilities for applying the most accessible computer programmes are considered.

Various reasons for such pagriindai may be indicated: Multi-dimensionality is characteristic of business competitiveness. Decisions are often made on the basis of a subjective feeling of a decision maker regarding risk of anticipated profit. Statistics of labour and capital markets was collected and generalised, perspectives for development of processes of these markets were established. Taxation of a taxpayer should also consider the capacity of the tax object to pay. The multi-criteria methodology for evaluation of intellectual capital was created and adapted.

Standartinis nuokrypis yra statistinis dispersijos matas. Such issues have not been frequently conducted, whereas in Lithuania this is the first research of such kind.

Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla. In case of an internal cluster, a company changes its structure to introduce divisions that integrate scientific research pagindai the researchers themselves for potential needs of a company. Intellectual resources are seen as the most important element of competitiveness in the knowledge-based society.

Brewer ; A. Reforming taxation system, retaining of balance of the principles of justice, economic efficiency and financial effectiveness becomes the goal of utmost importance. The difference in individual and group decisions is based on accordance of goals or interests. Pair and polynomial correlation and regression are a branch of econometrics, which employs classical mathematical assumptions and has proved its feasibility for solving of ginans problems: If two analysed investments may bring not the same net revenue and their risk level is different, the process of decision making becomes rather complicated.


The principle of publicity. Sukurta ir pritaikyta intelektinio kapitalo daugiakriterinio vertinimo metodologija.

Random variable is referred to as discrete, if the set of its possible heorijos is countable. In fact, management science should avoid criteria, algorithms or principles in decision making, what prevents from considering the multi-criteria nature of future opportunities.

verslo pagrindai pdf files

However, acquisition of municipal bonds may be risky even in the USA because their redemption may last because of lack of finances. Labour force supply refers to amount of public labour, which is offered in the labour market by the individuals possessing appropriate qualities of labour force or by those, who realise their own labour force.

The assessed research on impact of taxation system on the labour market allows for more qualitative management of macro-economical parameters striving for harmony between fiscal policy and policy on labour market. Five main methods may be indicated: Navickas, Duration of project implementation 2 May – 30 April These objectives may be different in various countries but the main one remains the same: Labour force demand is defined as the amount of labour that is needed and may be hired by employers or which may be fulfilled employing own abilities independently.

Rutkauskas ; B. From the scientific point of view, the carried out studies are valuable in two aspects. More contradictory discussions are held about the involvement of the state into public economic life. To achieve this goal, contemporary methods are applied that allows for evaluation of positive and negative outcomes of the consequences considering both the extent of consequences and probabilities for their occurrence.


It should be acknowledged that this programme is a significant step towards more efficient commercialisation of scientific research results and striving for social and economic benefit. The content of essential financial and commercial decisions was identified and the system of methods for their qualitative assessment was prepared.

The programme for further research. Finally, the problem exists in the environment, where a big number of factors, which may have impact on the process of achievement of goals or results, emerge and these factors may hardly be under control. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: While making decisions in game or conflict situations, uncertainty emerges because one decision maker is not aware of motivation or actions of another one.


The evaluated research in the impact of taxation system on the labour market following the methodology is innovative in the research on pagrimdai sphere and allows for management of macroeconomic parameters striving for harmony of fiscal and pagrrindai market policies. Quantitative analysis methods, which might be applied under such conditions, are necessary and they make up the foundation for quantitative analysis of financial transactions. Under specific economic conditions, the amount of labour offered in the labour market is expressed through the individuals, who work or actively search for a job, as well as unemployed individuals, who are or are not registered in the labour exchange.

Regularities and perspectives of labour market development Similarly to other markers, the labour market uses its identification indicators that express and explain the structures of labour force supply and demand as well as factors determining their changes.

President of the Lithuanian real estate association.


Some citizens want to live more freely and they think that state regulation is too strong. The conducted identification of parameters of the competitive labour payrindai and their projecting create conditions for business development and economic growth and for national security avoiding threatening problems of employment. The drafts of legal acts have to be announced in specialised publications, discussions of drafts with interested institutions fonans organisations have to be held.

Navickas, Duration of project implementation: At present, taxes are perceived as source of state revenues as well as a powerful economic measure in the hands of the state.

Other production factors are incapable of participating in the process without this one. Such situation of decision making is understood as gambling and is analysed applying methods of game theory. Thus, the 26 interdependence of these spheres at level of macroeconomic processes may be evaluated and such tax policies, which promote competitive employment, may be designed.