ESCALA DE SOBRECARGA DEL CUIDADOR. ESCALA DE ZARIT ABREVIADA NUNCA RARA VEZ ALGUNAS BASTANTES CASI Item Puntuación Respuesta. casi exclusivamente a través de la Escala de Carga del Cuidador de Zarit. . para medir la sobrecarga en el cuidador informal del paciente con demencia. La utilización de la Escala de sobrecarga del cuidador de Zarit (anexo 2), permitió valorar la sobrecarga en la relación cuidador-paciente, el estado de salud.

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Scales for evaluation of the overload of caregivers of patients with Stroke

However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Because of the similarity with other studies, we concluded that the Caregiver Burden Scale is a valid and reliable instrument for use in evaluating the impact of mental or physical disease on caregivers, and therefore we recommend its use. Emotional well-being of close relatives to stroke survivors. Universidad Nacional de Colombia: Clin Rehabil ;17 4: Nada en lo absoluto.

EBSCOhost | | Adaptação e validação da Escala de Sobrecarga do Cuidador de Zarit.

Mais uma escala mencionada foi o Caregiver Reaction Assessment. The overload manifested by the caregiver is especially associated in the physical, psychological and social dimensions averages Caregiver burden and health-related quality of life among Japanese stroke caregivers.


Social support and caregiving circumstances as predictors of caregiver burden sorbecarga Taiwan. Services on Demand Journal. Costs and caregiver consequences of early supported discharge for stroke patients.

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The objective of the study was to evaluate the available productions in literature about scales to measure the overload of caregivers of patients with stroke. Measuring the quality of life was assessed using the proposed zarkt Ferrel, overloading was determined by the Zarit burden scale.

Cuidados y cuidadores en el sistema informal de salud, Granada: J Clin Nurs ;16 5: La mortalidad por insuficiencia renal es de 3,7 por Clin Rehabil ;21 2: Scales for evaluation of the overload of caregivers of patients with Stroke. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract.

Se encontraron altos cuidaodr generales de cansancio emocional. Emotional reactions and practical problems of the caregivers of hemodialysed patients. Belasco AG, Sesso R.

Changing needs of Chinese family caregivers of stroke survivors. Pinto 24 manifiesta que la experiencia de cuidado compromete, de manera sustancial, la calidad de vida de todos los cuidadores hombres, mujeres, mayores o menores. Moreover, caution is needed on the use of sobrecargx for categorizing levels of caregiver strain or of subscales derived from recurrent exploratory factor analyses in small-scale local studies.


Carers of dependent older people with dementia presented very high levels of burden. Intervalos y promedios esperados por Dimensiones: Worldwide, it is widely used in epidemiological studies, drug or psychosocial clinical trials, and health services research. Psychosocial functioning of spouses of patients with stroke from initial inpatient rehabilitation to 3 years poststroke: Disabil Rehabil ;30 7: Int J Nurs Stud. In 23 works, 24 different scales were identified, and the most cited were: Stroke; Caregivers; Technology; Scales.

Para as respostas, utiliza-se a escala tipo Likert, com 3 a 5 itens.

En Colombia, se ha estimado en el orden de 12 por There are different instruments to evaluate burden, of which the most used in international terms is the Zarit Burden Interview Scale.

Medbook [citado 8 Mar ];