PDF | The preliminary phytochemical analysis of Ephedra alata indicated the presence of cardiac glycosides, reducing sugars, flavonoids. Descriptions and articles about the Ephedra, scientifically known as Ephedra alata in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Distribution; Ecology; Hab. Two new flavonol glucosides have been identified in Ephedra alata, namely, herbacetin 8-methyl ether 3-O- glucosideO-rutinoside and herbacetin.

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The prevalent genera were Aspergillus A. Cotton cloth bags 7.

Support Center Support Center. The fungal colonies developing around. In our results, afla- toxins production were found to be inferior with em- ployment of cloth bags followed by paper bags, tin cans and polyethylene bags respectively Tables 5 a,d. Servili M, Montedoro G. The bleaching of DPPH solution increases linearly with increasing amount of extract in a given volume.

Tropical Grasslands 4, The retention of superior SMC recorded here by sphedra polyethylene bags and tin cans is probably at- tributed to impervious nature of previous storage con- tainers compared with either cloth or paper bags [21].

It can explain in terms of the decrement alteration in SMC inferior requisite level for growth and aflatoxins production by seedborne fungi [2;9]. This raised the need to study safe alternative. Three samples of Ephedra plant were independently analyzed and all of the determinations were carried out in triplicate.

Conclusions The antioxidant activities, total phenolics content and total flavonoids content of Ephedra alata grown in Palestine were determined and presented. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture. The component plating of E. To enrich the active ingredients present in Ephedra alata rphedra, two extractions methods were adopted and the extract components were directly examined on HPLC-PDA at different wavelengths.


Journal of EcologyVol.

Ephedra alata – Wikipedia

Detection of seedborne fungi associated with E. Cupric reducing antioxidant power, DPPH: This can be attributed to the polarity of the extraction solvent and the flavonoids, where flavonoids need less polar solvent or higher amount of ethanol e.

This shrub has rigid and branched stems. In our results, afla. The correlations between antioxidant activity and total phenolic content or total flavonoid content were investigated.

Ephedra alata – Nucleotide Result

This plant is known as conifer because the reproductive portions of this species are organized in yellow-green cones. The stem of this plant contain alkaloid ephedrineand other antimicrobial chemicals, which help protect this plant from disease. Such seedborne fungi differ in their coloniza tion in different parts of seeds with most of them are colon ized in seed coat, endosperm, and embryo of the seed. For each experiment, the data were statistically analyzed.

All the samples were filtered via 0. This shrub grows in dense clumps, epedra sandy calcareous, rocky and clay soils. International journal of Food MicrobiologyVol.

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Therefore, the role of seedborne fungi es- pecially aflatoxigenic as one of the major source of seed deterioration during storage should be studied throughout integrated management to minimize the chances of fur- ther storage losses and field infection [30]. Test tubes were incubated at ambient temperature ephrdra 5 minutes, and then 2 mL of 1 M sodium hydroxide were added to the mixture. Statistical Analysis Three samples of Wphedra plant were independently analyzed and all of the determinations were carried out in triplicate.


The percentage inhibition of DPPH of the test sample and known solutions of Trolox were calculated by the following formula:. Treatment means were ephedga. All chemicals and reagents were of analytical grade.

Ephedraceae, is one of the oldest range and medicinal. Healing effect of hydro-alcoholic extract of Ephedra pachyclada Boiss. It is a dioecious shrub, usually less than 1 meter in height. DPPH assay is based on the ability of the stable free radical 2,2-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl to react with hydrogen donors including phenolics.

BoxJerusalem, Palestine. Up to our knowledge, this is the first investigation for seedborne mycoflora of E. Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry.

Ranged peaks from Seeds from this species have been obtained and stored for the Millennium Seed Bank Project because it is unclear sphedra this species population is sustainable with its wide range of uses. Open in a separate window. Such recorded decrease in vigor index Seed germination, root depth and shoot height strongly agrees with Basay et al.