Endosulfan is an off-patent organochlorine insecticide and acaricide that is being phased out .. This inspired protests, and the pesticide was banned in Kerala as early as , following a report by the National Institute of Occupational Health. British photographer Beatriz Lopez and Peter Caton visit Kasargod district in north Kerala, whose residents have been plagued by the spraying. The nodal medical officer of Kasargod district, who played a key role in Kerala’s campaign against the pesticide endosulfan, refuses to answer.

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Mony explains that measuring exposure to the pesticide—whether through air, soil or blood levels—is vital to a good epidemiological study. The survey by Thanal was on various types of disorders prevalent in the district and the number of people suffering from these diseases.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It turns out that cotton farmers all over India have used the chemical for many years.

The doctor began to dig up medical records. I hope it would be soon. Later, on a petition filed in the Supreme Court of Indiathe production, storage, sale and use of the pesticide was kera,a banned on 13 Mayand later permanently by the end of The same health impacts are now being seen in the neighboring Dakshin Kanada district in Karnataka as well.

They were tested for presence of Endosulfan to determine the environment and health impacts. Endosulfan is widely used in most of the plantation crops in India. Around two weeks ago, tired of the lies of the media and politicians, an organisation called Endosulfan Apamaana Vimochana Samiti was formed.

Mayee committee report marked For official use only neither re-examined the FIPPAT issue nor did they re-look into all aspects that Dubey committee had ignored. The cranial pressure has shrunk his brain, causing total mental retardation. Mamatha is a confirmed endosulfan poisoning victim. I’m in complete agreement with what the workers have to say on this.

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This means higher endosulfan levels did not lead to higher rates of disease. The samples were taken from Padre village where Dr Kumar’s medical practice resides; fuelling a debate among scientists over the authenticity of the endoosulfan.

Please use a genuine email ID and provide your name. Incidence of such health problems is high but people are unaware these could be caused by endosulfan. Share Tweet Share Share Share. When children develop a slight headache, mothers worry that this may be the onset of hydrocephalus. It is produced by Makhteshim Agan and several manufacturers endosufan India and China. Why should I stop it?

Endosulfan Industry’s Dirty War – A Chronology of events

In JanuaryThe Guardian ran an article saying half the homes in the village of Kattuka Kattukukke misspelt in Kasargod had a disabled person—a gross exaggeration. India opposes the ban on endosulfan. The emergence of health problems coincides with intense spraying of endosulfan that started 14 years ago.

Endosulfan has been an easy target. The pesticide is brought in containers without labels and is sold loose. Although the sample size is somewhat limited, the results are quite compelling.

Meanwhile, an association of countries grouped under the Stockholm Convention, which aims to eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals in the world, called for a global ban on endosulfan in He probably wanted more signed statements. The harassment continued even after all the responses were provided by CSE kegala numerous government committees and courts.

Ironically, Mayee committee completely depended on Dubey committee. But the local media has been more appreciative of their endosilfan. Villagers drinking the water would therefore probably not consume endossulfan pesticide.

Birth defects of the male reproductive system, including cryptorchidismwere also more prevalent in the study group.

Their parents Rajan and Rohina say the difficulty of supporting two blind children with their minimal income earned through labouring work has forced them to separate the children.


Government doctors say the incidence of diseases such as cancer, cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus is no higher in the district of Kasargod than in the rest of India.

INSIDE STORY: How endosulfan poisoned Kasargod

Soumya drags herself across the home’s concrete floor as she is unable to walk. Dr Kumar attributes the alarming number of chronic conditions within the local population to be directly linked with the geography of Padre village, which is nestled in a bowl-shaped valley and surrounded by hills covered in cashew plantations.

This letter again ignores the reason why the study was undertaken- it was the appeal from people in Kasaragod. In fact, I have already made representation to the Prime Minister and concerned Union Ministers of health and environment demanding immediate withdrawal of the report,” as reported by The Economic Times and Outlook India [72] [73].

Every other day, Kumar, Shree Padre and Shripati Kajampady, a doctor who runs a nursing home in the nearby Perla village, as well as other known people hold public meetings. His business partner Mohammad says, “They say endosulfan has harmed a lot of people, but when you look at the economic side it is a pathetic situation. In the United States, endosulfan is only registered for agricultural use, and these uses are being phased out.

Most o f them have been putting it down to a supernatural curse. Sujatha has no opportunity to marry and live a normal life, as she is completely dependent on her mother. May 2nd -3rd The decision was taken as the best possible alternative to limit exposure to endosulfan.