Elaphe davidi is a species of snake of the family Colubridae. (Source: Wikipedia). Download this stock image: David’s rat snake / Elaphe davidi – E4JCRC from Alamy’s library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors . Taxon identifier, Scientific name, Elaphe davidi. Taxonomy navigation. Up › Elaphe. Down Terminal (leaf) node. Common name, Pere David’s rat snake.

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A list of the reptiles and batrachians of Amoorland [Russia].

Species Elaphe quatuorlineata Four-lined Ratsnake. WilliamsJeff Boundy Edition Chimaira, Frankfurt, pp. Beauty snakes like to bathe in pools not soup.

Description of a new snake, of the genus Calamaria, from Borneo. An annotated checklist and key with natural history notes.

Elaphe davidi | The Reptile Database

External links National Center for Biotechnology Information http: Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. Learn more on our Support Center. Reptarium The Reptile Database. Bernard Quaritch, London “”. Japan Ryukyu islands incl.

  ISO 10414-1 PDF

Using phylogenomics to understand the link between biogeographic origins and regional diversification in ratsnakes. Japan Ryukyu Islands ; Type locality: We have images for every project, all covered by worry free licensing Download with confidence Find your plan.

David’s ratsnake / Elaphe davidi – Image

While ADW staff and contributors elahpe references to books and websites that we believe are reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control. Myanmar, Thailand; Type locality pallidus: Further notes on the varieties of Coluber taeniurus. Acta Zoologica Sinica Malaysia MalayaPulau Tioman; Singapore?

A preliminary study on the subspecies differentiation of Elaphe carinata Serpentiformes: List of Chinese snakes. Phylogenetic relationships among European ratsnakes of the genus Elaphe Fitzinger based on mitochondrial DNA sequence comparisons.

Litteratura Serpentium 7 dagid Kaati Trust, Pune, pp.

Can you confirm these amateur observations of Elaphe carinata? Litteratura Serpentium 4 1: Species Elaphe lineata Striped Aesculapian rat snake.

David’s rat snake / Elaphe davidi

Anatomical and Zoological Researches: The serpents of Thailand and adjacent waters. A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species.

Taiwan Stink Snake G: Senkaku group Type locality: Herpetological investigations in Phang-Nga Province, southern Peninsular Thailand, with a list of reptile species and notes on their biology. II color platespp. Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. On the proposed conservation of the specific name of Phyllopis carinata Gunther, Reptilia, Serpentes.


The Snake 17 2: Sign in to our Contributor site. Conservation resources for Eaglenest wildlife e,aphe.

Elaphe davidi (Pere David’s rat snake)

Species Elaphe longissima Aesculapean Snake. ADW doesn’t cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe. Karlsruher Naturhefte 4, Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe, pp. The Animal Diversity Web online. Editorial content, davis as news and celebrity images, are not cleared for commercial use. Reptarium The Reptile Database. Class Sarcopterygii lobe-finned fishes and terrestrial vertebrates.