User Guide EFT Wireless Series INGENICO avenue Charles de Gaulle Power travel adapter (When no base) Or EFT terminal unit equipped with a paper roll Daker DK 1, 2, 3 kva Manuel d installation Installation manual Part. EFT Mobile GPRS Terminal Quick Reference Guide 0 Send Mobile GPRS .. Linksys Gateway SPASU Manual Manuel de l’utilisateur Table of . Inserte la tarjeta en el lector del chip y no la retire hasta que se haya completado la transacción o se lo indique el terminal. Si hay problemas de lectura del chip.

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Should the terminal or WiFi access point be replaced or the link between the terminal and WiFi access point fail, reconfiguration may be needed. This is printed in full on the merchant s copy of all transaction receipts.

Ingenico eft Service Manual ‹ Aloha pos help manual

Connect the other end of the cable to socket G on the base. Anonymous 6 February at Battery level indicator only portable terminals. The following points should be noted: Multi power supply unit: Setting the Merchant Password You may be asked to enter a password to perform certain functions.

Please follow the instructions in this manual carefully. Release traction on it as soon as the connector comes unclipped b Finish extracting connector by tilting it slightly F3 arrow to bring it away from the maniel housing Inform the terminal that its battery has been changed.

EFT930 Wireless Series

It combines the benefits of Internet telephony, like. Good Life 4 May at Rouzbeh 30 November at There is danger of explosion if battery used is not approved by Ingenico.

If you are connecting the terminal to a routing device, connect the manuep to the socket identified with a LAN label. My iWL was bricked with a retail flash into a mockup device, nothing seems to be able to sort it.


This guide will help you get connected as quickly and. Ifg you require a privacy shield and one has not been supplied, please contact your service provider s helpdesk.

Ingenico EFTG Manuel D’Utilisation – Page 1 de 38 |

Please open this page for an At a glance More information. You must dispose used or faulty batteries using either your local battery disposal facility in accordance with local laws, or by return to Spire Payments. Tipping The terminal can be configured for a tipping service.

Important information to protect your business The following steps should be followed at all times to protect you and your customers from fraud. Invoice Numbers This feature adds invoice numbers to your receipts. Once connected, turn the mains on.

This should be provided along with the name of the card issuer when requested, to enable the your helpdesk to assist. Connect the black or yellow Internet cable to your Internet access point for example, a router. Please can someone explain ths, why and solution for me.

Please read this guide to understand and make the best use of your terminal. The EFT is fitted with battery specially designed for this terminal. If your terminal operates in conjunction with a cash register, your head office or the product manufacturer will have provided additional instructions.

Alternatively, it is possible to boost the WiFi signal strength by purchasing an aftermarket repeater.

To represent specific operating modes, this part of the displays different colour backgrounds: Enrique Velasquez mmanuel March at Get ready to trade 1 Read me next Portable card machine Eft930d ready to trade 2 Useful numbers: Lithium battery The EFT is fitted with a lithium battery which can only be accessed and serviced by a qualified technician. Introduction This guide will detail how you install and use your EFT terminal, including Safety Instructions and instructions on If the amount entered for the transaction is above this limit you will be prompted to perform a Chip and PIN or Swipe transaction.


Sale Refund If a transaction type not listed above is requested by a contactless card, the terminal will prompt for a Mqnuel and PIN or Swipe transaction. Turn the terminal and unclip the top cover flap by pushing on the clips with your nails eft90s shown with the arrows on the picture SAM1 and SAM2 are indentified by the engraved marks on the lower housing When introducing a SAM in its slot, be sure to put the cut corner as indicated on the picture Close the cover flap TIP Use a piece of adhesive tape to grip the SAM for easier and faster removal.

Mznuel you observe the Alert Irruption! Unknown 7 November at The following parts are supplied in the. The world s local mobile phone. Quick Merchant Operator Guide Emmy 1.

The navigation keys etf930s in the terminal menus The function key accesses the different application menus The red key cancels the procedure in progress The yellow key cancels the last character The arrow key advances the paper a few centimetres It is also used to switch on the terminal The green key validates input selections and information 3.