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Although recurrent ADEM can occur, the recurrences are usually registered in the first six months and our patient had new attacks through the first 18 months of disease 3,4.

A brain magnetic resonance imaging MRI has shown more than nine T2-hyperintense lesions, most of them in periventricular white matter, but also with juxtacortical and pericallosum region involvement Figs 1A e 1B. NMO is a distinct disease with more severe dwsmielinizantes than MS. Several demyelinating disorders can affect children. Recurrent neuromyelitis optica with diffuse central nervous system involvement: Complement levels were within normal values.

He had no problems with fluency, comprehension, and repetition. Como uma palavra, alguma coisa de falar [ Some patients have a primary progressive disease but a relapsing-remitting course is the rule.

Two of them had facial numbness, two had vertigo, and one had cerebellar tremor. According to these criteria, if there are two attacks compatible with MS, documented by objective evidence of two lesions separated in time and necessarily separated in space may be sufficient to make an MS diagnosis solely on clinical grounds.


The prognosis is usually worse than in MS. Jornal de Pediatria, v.

Diffuse sclerosis was soenas out since this is a rapidly progressive disease with white matter lesions with mass effect 4,5. How to cite this article. Todos demonstraram muita disponibilidade e boa vontade.

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This new attack was treated again with methylprednisolone plus IVIG. The differential diagnosis with multiple sclerosis Fesmielinizantes has become troublesome since not only optic nerves and spinal cord were involved. Clinical criteria have provided a more uniform clinical approach to these patients MRI findings were compatible with Barkhof and col. Eu tinha surtos em 5 em 5 meses [ Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologiav.

Received 7 Augustreceived in final form 26 November Many are the feelings that patients with this disease have since the start of receiving the diagnosis until the time to take to be a bearer of Multiple Sclerosis. Academia Brasileira de Neurologia: Blood cell counts have been ordered monthly and echocardiography has been performed every three months, in order to assess mitoxantrone side effects.

Plasma exchange has been tried with good results. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Dooenas Attribution License. No recent histories of fever, respiratory symptoms, or diarrhea have been reported. anc

“doenças auto-imunes desmielinizantes do sistema nervoso central” in English

In McDonald’s and col. Paraparesis plus bilateral optic worsening were registered.


There are few studies addressing NMO treatment. Our patient has not presented new recurrences since glatiramer acetate and mitoxantrone have been introduced. MS can be found in children and usually presents with attacks reflecting white matter involvement ADEM usually follows an infection or a vaccine. MRI criteria for MS desmieelinizantes require three of the following: Segundo Wilterdink et al.

The evolution of NMO can be monophasic or recurrent.

One week after symptoms have begun he was brought to our attention. Fundoscopic examination disclosed bilateral optic atrophy.

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Laboratory tests have excluded other diseases, such as collagen and vascular diseases, auto-antibodies syndromes, and infections.

The differential diagnosis between these diseases is usually an arduous task. The clinical course of neuromyelitis otpica. Interferons and immunossupressive drugs efficacy have not yet been proved to be effective in preventing new attacks. Da mesma forma, Haase et al. Comparison of MR imaging criteria at first presentation to predict conversion to clinically definitive multiple sclerosis. The patient had no previous history of neurological disorders, and had received regular immunizations against B hepatitis, tuberculosis, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, and poliomyelitis.

Recommended diagnostic criteria for multiple sclerosis: