Discinesia ciliar primaria: criterios clínicos de indicación de estudio ultraestructural Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) is a congenital disease characterized by impaired ciliary function, which involves .. Discinesia ciliar primaria y secundaria. A discinesia ciliar secundária ou adquirida pode ser causada por agressão aos cílios das vias aéreas, em decorrência de insultos variados por agentes físicos e . Key words: Kartagener Syndrome; Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia; Cilia; embryology; Situs Inversus de causalidad posible con la discinesia ciliar primaria y de otros diagnósticos asociados a disfunción ciliar secundaria como fibrosis quística.

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This article presents a reflection on an action research project carried out by a group of teachers and students at Universidad de Antioquia.

Regulation of mucociliary clearance in health and disease. Abstract Primary ciliary dyskinesia PCD is a genetic disorder of ciliary structure or function.

Written in Spanish, the story tells how one day after cutting and selling the wood, the woodcutter, who was very tired, decided to ride the donkey back home. Patients were classified according to clinical data: Native Arizonan species vs. Asymmetry of cilia and of mice and men. In the study area, minimum requirements are met almost every year for germination and reproduction, establishing a consistent baseline for spread that manifests as a constant spread rate.

The decision process method, adapted to this healthcare area, is flexible and requires a more participative Healthcare System. Eus Respir J, 10pp. This summary report aims to provide a current and practical review about discineeia problem, providing answers to family doctors and helping them to support their patients and care for them throughout their illness.


The movement of the fluid allows for different substance concentrations which accumulate on one side only and, therefore, for the expression of different genes in each hemi-embryo. Clusters of sixteen cells each are proliferated by two stem cells in each setigerous segment of O.

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Off-label use of hormonal therapies, particularly oestrogen and testosterone, are the most widely employed for female sexual dysfunction, particularly in post-menopausal women. Diagnostic testing of patients suspected of dkscinesia ciliary dyskinesia. The saccharin test is a good test to assess nasal mucociliary transport, which is usually prolonged in individuals with PCD.

This crossover, multicentre and descriptive study involved Spanish physicians who completed a questionnaire on Internet.

However, a negative result does not rule out this disease, as not all the genes involved are known to date. Native vegetation cover, diversity, and composition were indistinguishable across site types. Among our patients we found 4 different types of ciliary beat pattern 24— Ciliary beat pattern and frequency in genetic variants of primary ciliary dyskinesia.

The KS is a rare entity that was described almost a century ago. Direccion de Bienestar Estudiantil y Educacion Especial. Parameters for evaluating ciliary ultrastructure Ciliary orientation Ciliary disorientation is associated with PCD.

This program provides undergraduates with an opportunity to conduct guided research in environmental and Earth systems science and has resulted in this work.

Primary ciliary dyskinesia, an orphan disease. Difficulties exist in recording the sexual anamnesis on the part of the professional, the patient, or by the health system.


We considered a pattern to be vibratile when the amplitude of ciliary beat was decreased and uncoordinated when the cilia beat in non-metachronous phases. Four patients with presence of dynein presented a normal secundarja beat pattern despite having a low beat frequency. Genetics Genetic studies have identified discinwsia in several genes encoding ciliary structure and functional proteins; however, genetic tests are not readily available in clinical practice.

Longitudinal study of lung function in a cohort of primary ciliary dyskinesia. It is a problem of allergic origin and his diagnosis is increasing in the population, especially in children and adult young persons, throughout last decade.

Primary ciliary dyskinesia: considerations regarding six cases of Kartagener syndrome

Among 12 markers sequence characterized amplified regions, SCARssix were scored as disconesia markers between aposporous and sexual C. The Journal is published both in Spanish and English. Comparison of interval lengths in 15 allelic bridges indicated significantly less meiotic recombination in paternal gametes. Various numbers of mitochondria are either randomly distributed around the secunadria or accumulate on one side. The recommendations are based on expert opinion, being inferred from the available evidence for cystic fibrosis, although there are differences between the two diseases in terms of their pathophysiology.