Andrei Alexandrescu (born ) is a Romanian-American C++ and D language programmer Alexandrescu released a book titled The D Programming Language in May From to , Alexandrescu, Herb Sutter, and Scott. Prelude: Orem, UT, May 29 Just finished delivering my keynote. Exiting the character, I’m half dead. People say it needs to look easy. Andrei Alexandrescu: Concurrency in the D Programming if you are not that interested in the features and evolution of the D language.

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In comparison to the modern trend to picks up everything new and shiny and make a hype from that, just to discard it two years later, this calmness is a pleasant thing. I think this solution is frequently even good for real-time systems because such a system will often have a start-ip phase where it is allowed or desirable to dynamically allocate objects.

I just left and didn’t read. So that one can be safe of not using GC in that part of the progrsm. Do you have something funny to share with fellow programmers?

Andrei Alexandrescu: Concurrency in the D Programming Language : programming

This is arguably not an issue for many normal client-server systems or desktop applications, but it is very much an issue in embeded systems and safety-critical hardware. That’s how I use D. Only problem is the Kindle edition is awful Well, I agree it is an imperfect comparison.

I still linked it because: Click “Print” to read the article as a single page: This was necessary because all the different records had a different type. Politehnica University of Bucharest and University of Washington. One person I know of is using it on an msp I’ve always liked D better than the alternatives, but that is really a matter of taste, I guess.


I believe that D is not really targeted at [embeded systems and safety-critical hardware]. Lists with This Book. Yannick Koechlin rated it it was amazing Feb 09, The first alpha release was at the [ http: I can’t really tell as I have not had the chance to try D so far.

Views Read Edit View history. No, there is no const – everything is mutable. There are companies which use it for critical stuff. Expected can be thought of as a restriction of sum union types or algebraic datatypes in various languages, e. We try to have a long deprecation cycle, where the new and old behaviors exist side by side, to give everyone plenty of time to adjust. What seems to be slower than in other languages is the garbage collection GC ; in my opinion, this is an implementation issue which is likely to improve.

Alexandrescu received a B. Keep in mind I was looking only very shortly at D.

Actually, there are three kinds of values and one type qualifier for functions:. My impression is, however, that the core is very solid aandrei the compiler is not only very fast itself like the Go lang compilerbut also often produces very fast code.

Interesting times come in the form of a mix of good and bad news that contributes to a complex landscape of trade-offs, forces, aoexandrescu trends. That sounds really good, and I would be totally interested in seeing more examples for that.


I’m sure you’ll find the read rewarding. Bucharest[1] Romania.

The author’s style is light yet still full programmming expertise. Alcuni errori nella parte relativa ai package. Alexandrescu earned an M. Try the “Print” view: Another issue was a library which logged error messages associated with an error number which was defined by module. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

You’re right, and I’m pretty sure that’s a prorgamming.

Info Do you have a question? It is still very much in development but I have run some basic test code successfully.

The D Programming Language

Well, what happens if a class instance is automatically allocated on the heap and assigned to alexwndrescu reference type, and the allocation fails? Lutger Blijdestijn rated it it was amazing Jul 18, I think if one is writing predominantly self-contained code say, web application back-endsthis is probably good enough.

Now while Go is memory-safe but not safe against data race conditions like rustit would not have caught any errors in the data retrieved anddrei the DB as everything was a string. Go was published in and rust appeared