Cushcraft X-7 product reviews by real people like you. I have owned 3 of these X7’s antennas, and they are by far one of the best triband antennas I have. Here I have some photos of how I converted two cushcraft Hf antennas into a Homebrewed version of the Cushcraft X7. Additional material was bought. X7 BIG THUNDER TRIBANDER YAGI The X7 Triband Yagi is geared to set new standards in both radiating performance and mechanical.

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Cushcraft X-7 Product Reviews

In I moved the a different QTH and while unmounting we really see the very good hardware the antenna is made. There is one big potential “gotcha” that is easily missed and is not discussed in the instruction manual Cushcraft, me and my assembly team believe that you need to address this!

The next steps will cuhcraft. Windload 80 mph, lb kg. Brought it down and did total inspection. The photo below shows the boom assembled, and what we thought was the elements in the right order. Send Your Comments or just say Hi!!! OverView of the X7.

Here we go up the tower. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help.

The X7 Triband Yagi – Cushcraft

Wind Surface Area ft m sq. This took a little more effort than initially expected due to the tight fit of the feed-straps, which required some of the elements to be loosened.

I really love building antennas and I am happy to assist anyone who wants more info if they think they can build one like this.


Another trick 7x we used was to apply electrician’s conductive grease to every metal-to-metal connection as we assembled the various size aluminum tubing that makes up the elements of the antenna so as to make a good connection and help prevent internal corrosion later. Good for dx-ing with QRP. Be aware, it’s on both sides of the feed system flat straps, including around the bolt holes, the electrical connections, and will act as an insulator, not a conductor.

Building The X7 Antenna. The difference is only to see in figure 5 from chapter 3 – “Element Assembly”. Several amateurs use it even on 6m including myself 10W up to 1kW power.

A week or so after the assembly weekend, and luckily while the antenna was on the ground on saw horses, I was inspecting it and re-tightening things when I noticed what looked like a small bulge of something on cushcdaft side of the crisscross feed system.

Cushcraft X7

Traps are employed only in the lower current directors for increased gain and sharper pattern. Here the boom from both antennas are combined There are over pieces of various screws, bolts, aluminum and other parts that have to go together. Additional material was bought Top Five Amateur Radio Reviews of You will not wait in many pile ups!

I use a Van gorden balun but my first log periodic I ever built ,I cuwhcraft a homebrewed 4: I hope this review is helpful. Their use of the log periodic cell for the driven element and losing the traps in the driven and reflector elements of the A-4 seems to me to have changed a good antenna into a exceptional high performance antenna.


Cushraft does not give answer what their computer 7x shows on 6m, can I use it and what is the gain, directivity And, as I have on all of my antenna projects over the years, I spayed all the various bolts and screws with clear enamel to keep water out of the antenna as much as possible. There are still traps in the director, but this is a low current area of the antenna and trap loss is minimal. Carefully assembled with the lubricant came in the box and riveted.

Reviews Summary for Cushcraft X Wind Survival mph kph. New to Ham Radio?

The X7 Triband Yagi – Cushcraft

The balun and nuts and bolts. Click on pic to goto cusshcraft manual page. I would have liked to put up that at my Qth but not enough space to get that size up The antenna looked great like the day it went up.

Anyone wanting to hear my signal on any HF band. It has no rival!!! Use mine on 12 and 17 with tuner and it goes great as well. Engineering the Doublet Antenna December 31, Maximum Power Handling kw.