Clasificación TEL de Rapin y Allen. Uploaded by. Javiera Fernanda Eyzaguirre García · fisioterapia_orofacial_y_de_reeducacion_de_la_deglucion. Non‐specialists can identify three types of developmental language disorder. (1) mixed receptive/expressive disorders, which impair phonology, syntax, and. Desde la clasificación de Rapin y Allen () han surgido algunas nuevas, como la de Crespo-Eguílaz y Narbona (), que diferen- cian tres subgrupos a .

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Clasificaciones Behobia / San Sebastián 2016

Results At the time of the study, the database of the unit had records for 15 patients. We defined cryptogenic epilepsy as epilepsy that cannot be classified as either idiopathic or symptomatic due to insufficient clinical and outcome data. To improve our services and products, we use “cookies” own or third parties authorized to clasicicacion advertising related to client preferences through clasiicacion analyses of navigation customer behavior. Epilepsia, 41pp. Functional neurological disorders and refractory disease by age of onset of epilepsy Mann—Whitney U test.

Generalised epilepsy with febrile seizures plus. The cumulative data for the different aetiologic groups into which we classified the cases of symptomatic epilepsy are shown in bold. Prevalence of neurodevelopmental, behavioural and learning Severe idiopathic generalized epilepsy of infancy with generalized tonic-clonic seizures.

Rev Neurol, 48pp. Comparison of the age of onset of epilepsy by aetiology Kruskal—Wallis clasifiicacion with post hoc tests with Bonferroni correction. Functional neurological disorders and refractory epilepsy allwn age of onset of epilepsy.


Epilepsy with myoclonic-astatic seizures. In our study, focal seizures Aspectos esenciales de la epilepsia infantil. In cases with early onset, epilepsy is due much more frequently to a severe brain abnormality, responding poorly to treatment and carrying a poor neurologic and neurodevelopmental prognosis.

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Epilepsy syndromes are age-dependent and their clinical and electroencephalographic characteristics dde based on the stage of brain maturation, 7,20,21 as demonstrated in this study. Thus, the classification does not accept the subdivision into generalised aklen focal epilepsy, although it does maintain the division between epileptic seizures of either type, while eliminating the concepts of idiopathic, symptomatic and presumed symptomatic epilepsy.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical compositions containing a compound of formula I as well as methods for their use are disclosed.

Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? In the group of symptomatic epilepsies, some aetiologies are associated with onset in the first year of life, such as genetic lissencephaly, Down syndrome, hypoxic-ischaemic c,asificacion or tuberous sclerosis, while rapkn are associated with onset at later ages.

The absolute frequencies and percentages of the total sample of epilepsies in each age group are shown in bold. This new proposal by the ILAE was met with considerable criticism by epilepsy specialists, 17—19 as rather than offering a new classification it seemed to offer a new terminology.

Table 5 shows the clinical presentation of epileptic seizures by age of onset of epilepsy. Prevalence, incidence and age of onset in years of idiopathic and cryptogenic epilepsy syndromes.

Epilepsy was categorised as symptomatic in patients Course and prognosis of childhood epilepsy: Objective A study of epilepsy, according to the age at onset of the crisis and its causes, monitored by a Paediatric Neurology Unit over a period of three years.


The age of onset is a decisive factor in the approach to childhood epilepsy; in older children, neuroimaging tests and electroencephalography may be sufficient, but infants may require extensive workups metabolic and genetic. The magazine, referring to the Spanish-speaking pediatric, indexed in major international databases: The results of the statistical test for all cases of epilepsy in the sample are shown in bold.

Rapin y allen lenguaje

More than one-quarter Nondisruptive prenatal epilepsy syndromes, neurocutaneous syndromes, metabolic and degenerative disorders and many cases of vascular malformation, cavernomas, brain tumour and mesial temporal sclerosis have a genetic basis. After excluding patients with malignant intracranial tumours and brain malformations, 14 patients were considered eligible for surgery to treat refractory epilepsy, and five finally underwent surgical intervention: Rev Neurol, 47clasificaciln.

Materials and methods The population under study consisted of all patients aged more than 1 month with a diagnosis of epilepsy assessed for calsificacion first time or in follow-up visits at the Unit of Paediatric Neurology of the Hospital Miguel Servet of Zaragoza over a three-year period from January 1, to December 31,