Of Blood and Honor Author(s) Chris Metzen Artist(s) Chris Metzen Pages Publisher Pocket Star Published January Binding Digital – PDF Price US. Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor is the first novel set in Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft universe. The book is written by series co-creator Chris Metzen and was . Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor; ›; Customer reviews byChris Metzen I liked this book very much, though I have to say that Chris Metzen’s writing is not as.

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The focus is on details that paint images from the game in your mind if you have played metzej before and not on plot depth or elaborate character development. Flash Sean C Sousa 7. Apr 19, Katie rated it it was amazing. It has the good property of also being an example of how to write fantasy texts for aspiring chrjs of the genre, it is short and to the point, easy to be inspired by.

Fantastic short story about Tirion Fordring. Sadly, the fact that he is not a published author shines through in this novella in the unpolished nature of the writing. Chris Metzen has some extremely great writing skills, and reading this book inspired me to write my own 50 page fan-fiction dedicated to my WoW Character named Brunden Valorwind.

He wished fervently that he had brought his mighty warhammer instead. This page was last edited on 8 Septemberat There was no way that a group of orcs could go undetected in his land for any length of time.

Though, as a precautionary measure, it was necessary to police the reserves with full regiments of knights and footmen, the orcs remained docile and passive. Really good story, I’m not an alliance fan but every single character on this books is very important on the whole story, and Tirion is the paladin that gives the example great book and good story, good job Chris.


The lore may not be on the level of Tolkien, and it may be nothing more than a blender-mix of every fantasy trope ever conceived, but it’s one of the most epic sagas you will find in this genre.

A well written story about Tirion. Refresh and try again.

Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Warcraft, or otherwise a fan of general fantasy. It had been nearly twelve years since the war against the orcish Horde had ended. Nice, short novel about a paladin and his internal struggle about honour and doing the right thing Another good look at part of the Warcraft universe.

Of Blood and Honor | World of Warcraft Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

His signature bushy mustache and his neatly trimmed brown hair were streaked with gray, but his piercing green eyes still shone with an energy that belied his years. The tower”s walls were broken and scarred by blackened blastmarks.

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However, I would not recommend it to someone without basic knowledge of the world, races, wars and key figures. Though game had been strangely scarce for the past few weeks, Tirion came to hunt here whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Warcraft: Of Blood and Honour by Chris Metzen

Though he had not been born a noble, his enthusiasm and honor had won him the rank of knight at the tender age of eighteen. I suppose he prefers the more conceptual approach to storytelling, allowing others to flesh out his blod is fine by the way! Knaak have far superior stylistic approaches.


There were no outposts this far up, Tirion remembered. It has inspired me to do more battlegrounds and slay my enemies there with even more respect and honour then before: However, in an unexpected act of honor and compassion, he was saved by the orc Eitrigg.

Of Blood and Honor (World of Warcraft, book 4) by Chris Metzen

Googling every couple of pages gets irritating. All in This book, while short, did not lack the grandeur that those of longer length may have. Write “By the grace of the Light, may your brethren be healed. It speaks about racial tension, and the importance of passive assimilation in a world of cultural warfare.

Of Blood and Honor

It does not add much to the Warcraft lore, but explores bloor character of Tirion and includes appearances by some very well-known other characters. Emerging victorious from the Ghostlands after ending the undead Scourge’s quest to obtain the Sunwell’s potent energies, Tyri and Jorad’s journey is far from ov Like I said, it honorr not add much, but it takes almost no time at all to read.

Although no themes here are very original, they are executed nicely.