Chh Gam is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Chh Gam and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world. It’s very good for our ‘6 Gam Patidar Samaj’ in India and abroad also. October 13, Chh gam chh khadki patidar samj helping needy family foodgrain. 3 Matrimony profiles of Chh Gam Brides. Chh Gam Matrimony. Chh Gam Matrimonials. Select Your Match From 1 Crore Profiles.

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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? This system proved to be the most successful for generations as families parika confidence their families would integrate more easily and as they had similar views ambitions and future visions, it was deemed to being the art of a successful relationship, families integrated and foundations grew into long term relationships growing from one generation to an other and as the seeds were planted in marriage proposals the fruits of these initial proposals were cemented by the extended families where the support network around the marriage guaranteed a successful union of two individuals and two families forming a deep rooted family extending from one generation to the next.

Any one from Chh gam has relations in rest of the six villages. Become a Member Become a Member and retain the rich heritage of Patidar. In yam to NRI’s, the local farming community is also very socially active The major product of the region is tobacco.

I saw number of comments, good and bad. NadiadThe name is enough for its identity.

Chh Gaam Patidar Mandal

Balisana Patidar Samaj 31 December views. We are all proud of our roots as we have a rich history of our Chh Gham in common along with our culture unlike any other, we owe it to our children to understand who we are and be just as proud.


Gor was the barrier of patidar in previous years for establishing relationships and donating their daughter’s in particular to gor-villages only. Charotar Patel Samaj 31 December views.

Cbh [ 1 ]. The Patel family has produced a number of individuals who have been chh in the Indian government. Current City and Hometown. Now that the barrier’s of Gor’s have been broken down and we do not place so much importance on our Gor, we should not allow this to become diluted any further but as yam are all proud of our roots we should use today’s technology to communicate and pateika tomorrows future and secure our Chh Gham Community. Third and fourth numbers named Harkhjibhai and Manjibhai, in another section called Nani Khadki.

I want guide you how? Chha Gam Samaj strives to instill moral, cultural, and higher education values in younger generation. We all never expected that the upcoming next responsible generation is going to become so responsible, so well accountable and so well educated, some of the parents and visionaries are themselves are over-whelmed to see their sons and daughters grow to be so high earners that parents never thought, this next upcoming generations these days in USA, UK and in Vam etc is doing surprising well in the spheres they are into.

Together with above, now, Bhadran is flourishing with the influx of pqtrika different communities with new Patels from different places. The Samaj is also organizing social events for chha gaam patel-patidar samaj. As you will go through the site, you will yourself find, how great our Chh Gam 6 villages are in practical aspects of life, society and national integration and Nationalism wise, our history reflects how our grandfathers fought against the injustice of Last mogul ruling administration and then against British Administration.


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Dharmaj Patidar Samaj 31 December views. The Samaj become a platform for youths to meet and create life-lasting bonds. Proudly powered by HSquareTechnology. Hello Pinal Banker this site isnt created to show your jealousy Why dont you it wisely?

Chh Gam Matrimony Brides.

Panch Gaam Patidar Samaj 31 December views. If you have previously added your profile and would you like to view other’s ad on this page, Please enter you previously added email address, will allow you to view contact number and email address without re-posting you ad. Thanks for your patients. Gradually his generations, as new Patel’s used to live and settle with them.

Karamsad is a city and a municipality in Anand district in the Indian state of Gujarat. To guard the very integrity of ancestors names and properties in village and encourage our children to keep those homes that out grand-fathers build, in as much as best shape we can keep them and rarely sell to outsiders. The village proper itself was mostly settled and established by family members of the Patel family line.

A gor samaj is made up of a number of villages. Ancient documents and archaeological surveys indicate that Sojitra is an ancient town that has experienced several aptrika changes and been under the control of many different political entities. Living our values and passionate about everything we do.

Others With a Similar Name. History of the Patidars is the witness of how some of the Patidars becomes Desai.