Stormbringer came out from Chaosium in , with the idea to adapt Michael Moorcock’s seminal fantasy anti-hero to role-playing games. After perusing the threads, other than the Big Two (Runequest and Call of Cthulhu) Stormbringer/Elric! seems to get the most love of all the BRP. Chaosium: Stormbringer 1 ( Box) Chaosium: Stormbringer 1 ( Box) Stormbringer The Stealer of Souls / Black Sword, Chaosium, Stormbringer 2 .

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Special rules are provided for chariots, for Sorcery, Contriving and other arcane arts, and for creating other planes of the Multiverse.

The folk of Melnibone are not human, and their race is far older than humanity. However, control of Elric is delicate, at best. You and your friends portray ordinary people from the Young Kingdoms who seek adventure, riches, power, and understanding. The Elemental Gods so frequently invoked by Elric are described and a system for magic spells is also given. If successful, she promises to make them whole once again.

I think this is a huge lesson for the OSR to learn that some of the Indie scene of about a decade ago got. Pan Tang hovers, vulture-like, awaiting the results of the first violent clash of Young Kingdom armies against the remaining might of Melnibone. Included here are guidelines for vehicular and aerial combat and exotic and powerful weapons found in the New Fenian armory, more than 50 Beast Orders from the isle of Granbretan, and a glimpse into the daily routine of Oshol Nariva — a typical member of the Order of the Boar.


Combat is extremely well laid out with an unsurpassed balance of realism, utility, and entertainment. You can do what you learn how to do. Also shop in Also shop in.

Morrus – Tuesday, 31st January, Sailing into port, visitors are impressed with the magnificent buildings, the splendid markets, and friendly people. Originally Posted by TrippyHippy. If, like me, you actually read the HM stories the movie is based on, then saw the movie, your mind was considered blown.

Buy at Amazon Stealer of Souls: Each Player commands one or more Young Kingdoms in a desperate struggle to assert their mastery over the world of Elric.

GROGNARDIA: Retrospective: Stormbringer, Part II

I stormbirnger no experience with these games, despite being a giant fan an player of other Chaosium products. Item is complete unless noted. The game feels quite complete in pages and I can easily imagine running a lengthy campaign without any need for additional material. The cover is in Near Mint condition with minor wear to the surface and edges.

Its courageous guardians worship four great Lawful dieties: In addition to the geography and history of this unique fantasy world, Corum contains detailed overviews of its major peoples, creatures and customs. Among its contents are: Her success or failure is determined by the players. It features four scenarios, information on the island of the Purple Towns and its inhabitants, instructions for creating characters from the Purple Towns, and intriguing illustrations and maps.


Tuesday, 31st January, The adventurers will travel the world over: How cool is that?! There are other Stormbringer adventures not so much rules supplements that are exceptionally good such as the “Rogue Mistress” campaign or the “Perils of the Young Kingdoms” scenario anthology, but they cannot be fully considered “old school”.

Stormbringer Chaosium

It was if they had never been separate. However, Stormbringer 5E had another traditional print run that was a bit overdone. Not to mention it was so effective in at least one case The Forge Out of Chaos it made me want to play the game as I read it.

Totally towing the line with Stormbringer’s demon magic. Bibliography of Michael Moorcock.

The adventurers encounter the Rogue Mistress as the result of a foul trap laid by Pollidemia, an immensely powerful sorceress. The game was revised and republished under the title Elric! Based on the same game system as the enormously popular RuneQuest Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure game, Stormbringer allows players to choose from a wide variety of backgrounds, from Melnibonean Noble to Pan Tangian sorcerer. The game uses a version of the Basic Roleplaying system originally developed for Chaosium’s RuneQuest fantasy RPG, but has different rules for magic and other setting-specific elements.

A “minus” sign indicates the opposite.