The material contained in this book was originally published as a set of serial lessons. They are part of the lessons written by C. C.. Zain and published. The Sacred Tarot has 19 ratings and 2 reviews. Astral said: This book is a very in depth look into understanding the Tarot. While C.C. Zain does cover ma. Book 06 the Sacred Tarot Cc Zain – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Above is a radiant Sun of 21 rays, in the center of which is the symbol of conjugal union. Arcanum XIX is figured by a young man and a young woman holding each other by the hand. The false radiance of the moon indicates the glamor that surrounds such an occasion.

The two men with goat heads chained by the neck at the monster’s feet represent the certain fate that awaits all who use magical powers to attain selfish or purely material ends. The cube upon which these symbols rest typifies the physical world; and has graven on its side an ibis, to indicate that eternal vigilance is a necessity if physical limitations are to be surmounted.

The body is that of a hog, to denote greed.

The other pyramid is white, symbolizing a life enlightened by science and spiritual wisdom. And it is poured from a golden cup upon the land to denote the necessity of cultivating the positive, reasoning intellect if he is to possess the external truth.

The seal on the breast of Nature also expresses the thought that knowledge comes from God and is as limitless as its source. The cross above the triangle, a symbol the reverse of that on Arcanum IV, indicates that material forces have gained the ascendency cf subdued the mind.

Supreme Rain marked it as to-read Mar 19, The esoteric, or other half, must be apprehended through the application of the psychic senses.

The Sacred Tarot

It also represents medium-ship, rather than conscious control; for the chief center of power in disintegrative mediumship is the solar zzain. Arcanum XII is figured by a man suspended by one foot from a gallows which is supported by two trees, each having six cut branches.


As applied to adeptship they point out that the neophyte must have energy and courage to sustain his efforts, must have knowledge to direct his energies properly, must labor ceaselessly for the realization of his aspirations, and must gradually tune his emotions to a higher, more spiritual vibratory level. Merrin rated it it was amazing Sep 17, From the garot a veil falls over her face.

The cross, seal of the infinite, by which the coin is marked, announces the ascension of that power in the spheres of the future. The cuirass signifies resistance; the high held sword is the emblem of physical victory; and the scepter indicates mental conquest. As composed of four trines, which are its sides, corresponding to the houses of a birth-chart, it symbolizes the horoscope of physical life. It holds a javelin in its claws to indicate that time is always fructifying events and ever ready cx strike zzin right or left as the wheel turns under rarot impulsion, raising the humble and lowering the proud.

The eight spokes of the wheel, eight being the number of justice, symbolize that time and opportunity, in the course of divine providence, are justly meted out to all. The 20 flowers signify the potency of domestic harmony to Awaken and Resurrect the spiritual flora of the soul. Arcanum X is figured by a wheel of eight spokes suspended by its axis upon a dual column. The sword signifies the work, the struggle which traverses obstacles, and the trials which sorrow submits us to.

The book half hidden under the mantle taeot that but half of the truth can be discerned by the physical senses, the exoteric side. The veil falling over the face announces that Nature reveals her truths only to the pure ccc heart, and hides them from the curious and profane.

The flowers springing up about them symbolize the joy and happiness of the domestic circle which more than compensate them for material hardships.

Jackie Thompson rated it it was amazing Nov 07, The eight-point star symbolizes fc Law of Equilibrium, the balance between spirit and matter, male and female, the inner and the outer.


Want to Read saving…. His looks are fixed upon the ground; his arms are crossed upon his chest. It is likewise the man who is a slave to his desires. Jesse Lusignan added it Jun 21, He leans on a black staff and walks toward a fallen obelisk behind which a crocodile with open mouth awaits to devour him.

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The Sacred Tarot : C. C. Zain :

These mysteries are revealed only in solitude, to the sage who meditates in silence in the full and calm possession of himself. At the back is a divine messenger, signifying that the justice of God will be the final judge of the justice of men. It hovers over a nude young girl who has one foot upon the sea and one foot upon the land, and who pours the fluid of universal life from two cups, one of gold, the other of silver.

And the cube upon which she sits represents the cross of matter, where rays of sun and moon meet, and so signifies the union of male and female forces.

However below I show only their titles, divinatory meanings and descriptions. This is essentially a phallus, and indicates the perpetual action of creative energy upon all things born or to be born.

The Sacred Tarot : The Ancient Art of Card Reading and the Underlying Spiritual Science

The good and the bad, the ignorant and the learned, symbolized by the pyramids, are gathered there at the edge of the road into the beyond. This sage personifies experience gained in the journey of life. Nathan rated it it was amazing Sep 04, She represents vice, the temptress. Published January 31st by The Church of Light first published The column at the right symbolizes divine law, that on the left symbolizes the liberty to obey or to disobey.

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