View updated Caterpillar D11N Crawler Tractor specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Crawler Tractor models. However, with a weight of around tons, and horsepower, the Cat D11 is clearly one of the big guys. The models shown here (actually 3 different. Mascus has these Caterpillar d11 dozers, attachments, construction – Others for sale.

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In the 20’s and 30’s before anyone thought of putting a blade on a crawler tractor, they were used to pull scrapers to move dirt.

Caterpillar D11N

Mascus at Intermat 12 June Valantine says he is waiting for the field validation, but anticipates it may fall in the range of 15 percent savings. Although the D11 swap was a first, Cat has repower cateprillar for more than 70 applications.

Now we have these things. He is under no illusions, though. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Caterpillar D11N Gross weight: Caterpillar D11T Dozer Gross weight: There is also a special “Coal U-Blade”, capable of carrying Two of the challenges were the upgrading of the cooling system and the switch from mechanical to electronic engine controls.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since these machines have to be at least partially dismantled to move, their prime location is a mine or quarry where they will live until they are worn out.


Please find below all the classified ads of used dozers, attachments, construction – Others available for sale. Given the repower, and some other updating to the D11, the expense is a fraction of the new cost.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Much had been pre-planned: Cat Yellow, Front tyres remaining: Create email alert for new ads Create.

Caterpillar D11N Crawler Tractor

Primarily designed as a bulldozer, it is also used for push-loading scrapersand ripping rock overburden. The vision of the crawler then was to pull combines and heavy equipment on the typical soft ground of the Sacramento delta.

Yes, Amount of previous owners: The D11N was introduced in February to replace the D Used equipment Auction equipment Services Place an Ad. Another difference is that the D11T has its exhaust mufflers moved back closer to the front of the cab like the D10T. Some are shipped in the United States by railroad flatcars with the blade, push arms and ripper frame removed.

But while the California Air Resources Board has backed off somewhat in its draconian off-highway cleanup rules, Sukut had already embarked on an aggressive repower program.

When you are wanting to move rock the biggest dozer you can afford and get to the job site is the right size.


Caterpillar D11N Crawler Tractor Specs & Dimensions :: RitchieSpecs

Valantine says that the Johnson team is a highly motivated, well trained and high-achieving group that can take a project like this through to the end. The U blade was just under 21 feet 6.

Anyhow, wherever it is flat enough for a track machine to get out, its an modified excavator not a dozer that goes out. Dozers 5, h Bosnia-Herzegovina, Podgorica. It wasn’t until after World War II that Caterpillar actually manufactured a blade for their tractors.

Dozers 26, h Canada, Regina, SK. Johnson early realized that repower is the most effective way to accommodate both the state of California and its emissions mandate currently on hold but unlikely to stay that way, he thinks and the needs of contractors who catepillar cannot get the equipment they need, or want to squeeze the most frame hours out of the equipment they have.

This information is shared with third parties. And, says Valantine, they have top-class fabricators who can turn out a reliable and caterpillaf product in a short time.