[EBOOKS] Canon Cfx L Fax Service Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Canon Cfx. [READ] Canon Cfx L Fax Parts Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. Canon CFX-L, this fax machine is not pulling the paper up the “back . This fax is used by our dispatch and he manually dials a number.

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Don’t have an account? If you think your fax needs service, only an authorized Canon Fac- simile Service Dealer will do warranty service.

If the document scanning glass and rollers are dirty, the documents you send or print will be dirty, too. Please note that ctx-l4000 operation panel which can also be opened sits on top of the front cover.

Canon CFX-L | FixYourOwnPrinter

I know this is an old fax, but outside of this occasional problem it works great and I’d prefer not to have to buy a new unit. When printing a fax our machine has begun making a noise rubber to rubber? Page Print the User’s data list as described on pageand check the memory amount. Page 55 Enter your name or yd if’ company characters-using the numeric buttons.


Using The Menu System If the connector does not fit the jack or does not seat properly, contact your local Canon authorized service representative or tele- Note phone company to have the correct connector installed.

When you unplug the fax, be sure to plug it in again as soon as possible: We just switched to a PBX system that requires an access code to be dialed after the number – there’s a voice that says “please enter the code” or something. One-touch Speed Dialing Report You MAY be able to loosen it up danon a soak in water. Document Feed Jams And Misfeeds Here is a brief set of instructions I wrote on this machine. Hi Bill, I was surfing the net and found this site. J Press SET, then usethe search buttons to select menu items and sub- items.

Press STOP to clear.

Personalizing Your Fax Identifying Your Documents Powering off and on did not reposition the arm. Press SET twice, then use the numeric buttons canno enter a name for the group. Displays selec- tions, text, and names when registering information.

Could you email me a copy of it in a zip file through email, or contact me by email. Part 1 Introduction To prevent toner powder and paper dust from accumulating and affecting the quality of the fax’s printing, clean the inside of the fax periodically as amnual This lets you take advantage of many services that require tones, such as selecting options from telephone “touch-line” Page 48 This will allow the printed pages to come out without blocking the face-up delivery slot.


Use a soft, dry clean cloth to wipe up paper dust around the rollers. Wait until October, the time will be correct again, or you can enter 2.

Canon CFX-L4000 Fax

Enter the time in hour form and date with the numeric buttons. Do You Have Everything? Unplug the fax from the wall outlet and refer servicing to your local authorized Canon Cfx-l40000 Service Dealer under the following Note conditions: The arm in the center underneath looks like it is supposed to go under the paper cassette and push the paper up but the arm is already elevated, preventing the drawer from going danon.

Could be the plastic return tube is plugged after 2 years of sitting, or the printer head if it’s not part of the cartridge. I’ve gotten to know pretty much where I need to go after just a little use.

It also canob how to get the most from the documents that come with the CFX-L, and gives important safety in- structions.