Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies [Ian Buruma, Avishai Margalit ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twenty-five years ago. In this grandly illuminating study of two centuries of anti-Western ideas, Buruma and Margalit contend that the hostility of Islamic jihadists toward the United. Occidentalism refers to and identifies representations of the Western world (the Occident) in two In Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of its Enemies (), Buruma and Margalit said that nationalist and nativist resistance to the West.

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With support from Al-Queda, several extreme Islamist sent planes into the twin towers, a field in Pennsylvania, and into the Pentagon.


We then get to religion and the various ways the west is seen as idolatrous, including the way that women are treated. So were capitalism, the absorption into Japanese society of modern technology, and occidehtalism of individual freedom and democracy.

But these authors suggest that the hatred and different way of thinking is so intense that even human understanding is buryma. It’s a blood curse-like canard, that in principle should be held in similar disgust as other forms of racism.

The idea that simple awareness of bad things does anything to obviate them is a neoliberal fantasy augmented by the ease of social media self-expression. Man wagt es kaum auszusprechen. Embedded in these communities, in their languages, and the volksgeist that gave them life were ancient wisdoms and warm human virtues. These people were smart and were well educated.

It does, however, give a very good image of the ideological weapons against the West, and the idea of the West that rules in ”the other” countries but also the West itself. In this barbarous world the thoughts and laws and desires of Man have replaced the kingdom of God. One is the idea of war against the west, one is the idea of the city as an This book’s purpose is not to demonize the enemies of the west or assist in the “war on terrorism”, but to understand what drives Occidentalism, and to show that the suicide bombers of today have their roots in history that includes the west itself.


Second, it mainly characterizes ironically how counter western movements largely have come form ideas in the west. Der Islam ist seinem Wesen nach eine immaterielle Religion. This was also the language of Spanish fascists during the civil war, and of Nazi ideologues, and Japanese kamikaze pilots.

Ian Buruma, The Origins of Occidentalism

Not all anti-Capitalists are burum people Second, it does present some innovative points of view. It’s short and has a natural flow to the text.

The opening paragraph of the chapter titled “Mind of the West” goes: The urban view emphasizes technology, mechanism, reductionism and numeracy to the exclusion of deeper spiritual, intuitive aspects of human nature.

It seemed obvious to me that “The West” is the good guy and I think occidentaliwm more neutral stance would have made this book a better read for me.

I liked it because the book was full of history.

One is the idea of war against the west, one is the idea of the city as an occidental evil that with an urban reality destroys the local culture. I’m occidentakism sure it was over my head but it was a real slug fest just to get through it and the only reason I did was because it was short.

Orwell Prize Nominee Olivier Roy, in his book ‘Secularism confronts Islam’, observed that ‘modernity produces its own forms of protest. To think that we are at war with Islamism in the name of Christianity, as some zealots believe, is a fatal error, for that is to conform precisely occidentaliism the Manichaeistic view of those who seek to defeat us.

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The m The opening paragraph of the chapter titled “Mind of the West” goes: What, then, is the Occidentalist idea of the West? The Islamist contribution ocfidentalism the long history of Occidentalism is a religious vision of purity in which the idolatrous West simply has to be destroyed. His previous… More about Avishai Margalit.

Japanese Kamikaze pilots 3] Most of the extremist ideas and philosophies haunting us today actually originated in the West specifically Europe or Occidenhalismoften either as critiques of capitalism or as reactions against a more secular and powerful nation ex: In this genealogy of the components of the anti-Western worldview, the same oppositions appear again and again: The city-dweller, in contrast, tends to be more secular, perhaps areligious, lacking in family or community ties and has lost all connections to the ‘soil’.

It is when purity or authenticity, of faith or race, leads to purges of the supposedly inauthentic, of the allegedly impure, that mass murder begins.

Japanese militarists went to war against Western empires but did not regard everything about Western civilization as barbarous. It’s helpful and far more honest not to see the book as a response to Edward Said’s Orientalism, as its title may mistakenly suggest.

In a different way, that was also the objective of leaders like Mao. On the other hand, it is a slender book with an interesting idea it presents clearly, instead of padding byruma out to pages with repetitive examples.