Matthew Rettenmund (born December 25, ) is the author of the novels Boy Culture and Blind Items: A (Love) Story, as well as the non-fiction books. Boy Culture is a novel by Matthew Rettenmund. It centers on a call boy in the city of Chicago, Illinois and his two roommates. The protagonist goes by X. Matthew Rettenmund is raising funds for Boy Culture: The Series (indie) (gay) ( lgbt) (comedy) on Kickstarter! Ten years after “Boy Culture” the.

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Very few gay books to me are worth reading. No eBook available Macmillan Amazon. For being an hustler, X has a strange concept of betrayal and fidelity, something I’m not sure it came out from the movie.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. If you like contemporary gay fiction cultire an erotic, street-hip edge, and wounded characters who struggle mathew keep their emotions under tight rein, definitely check this book out.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. X a wily hustler, has a dilemma. I even went so far as to write Mr. It was also sad in places, but in a way that gave catharsis.

Matthew Rettenmund

Nothing along the lines of what is being depicted in this novel. A novel told in a series of confessions cullture “X,” a gay male prostitute who sleeps with no one but clients and has fallen in cilture with clture roommate. But the book is even better! It’s always an hard task to write a good novel from a very good movie, and I think that most of the time you like one of them, the novel or the movie, but not both.

Only for this thoughts I retyenmund he is a lot stronger than what he thinks. I saw the movie before I realized this was a book first. Jones rated it really liked it. I know very few people that cared, but I enjoyed it. A friend of mine who happens to be gay once told me that his lifestyle consists of waking up in the morning, going to work, cycling rttenmund the days that it is sunny out, going to the groceries, cleaning his apartment, sharing a bed with his loved one, and so on.

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His affection for his roommates is heart-felt, and I really felt his frustration with wanting to go rettenmknd with Andrew while fending off the advances of other his underage roomie, Joe. Tiffany Tucker rated it liked it Aug 04, Some very good parts that almost save the story as a whole in the end, simply, cannot overcome the annoying and immature characters.

Not exactly my version of gay life, but still a good read with a happy ending. Refresh and try again. And what’s worse, the novel is entitled Boy Culture. X’s first love was a cousin of him, the boy who took his virginity when he was 13 years old and who broke his heart soon after.

From this very bad first experience X learned two things: He also has two room mates.

Matthew Rettenmund – Wikipedia

I think that the novel is better since the main hero, “X”, has an innocence that was lost in the movie; the movie was also more “Hollywood” style, in the break and following declaration of forever love wonderful scene with the two actors making out on the stairsthat X and Andrew actually don’t have: Sep 28, Daniel Hanna rated it liked it.

Meanwhile, X’s other roommate-a seventeen-year-old precocious partyboy-is falling for X in a big way. I have the lovely menage-a-trois book cover movie-tie in edition of the book. Books by Matthew Rettenmund.

I fell in love with it totally. To reiterate, Rettenmund is not a bad writer — there are the seeds of a smart, modern romance here — but the poor plotting and feeble characterization make Boy Culture a complete non-starter.

I feel sad for Gregory, I think it’s not his fault if he was like that, it was a generation gap. Meanwhile, X’s other roommate-a seventeen-year-old precocious partyboy-is falling for X in a big way.

I’d take it any day over Fifty Shades of Puke. The result is an old-fashioned well, sort of love triangle peppered with savage one-liners-a touching portrait of love and lust among three very different gay men Normally I like to read the book before I watch the movie, I think when I first saw this movie I didn’t know it was a book.


The thing that was mafthew about this book is culfure appendix at the end. Would have been better named Hustler Culture. The result is an old-fashioned well, sort of love triangle peppered with savage one-liners-a rettenmud portrait of love and lust among three very different gay men.

It’s tastefully written, sometimes fade-to-black even, so even when X suggests that the reader should go back and masturbate to specific scenes once they’re done reading, I didn’t think it was that kind of book. When X starts to think that it would be nice to have a boyfriend, to find Mr Right, he falls for his roommate Andrew, a man that in the book is stronger than X, both in body that in morality. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

So X as an hustler tops only, and in a way, he remains pure and innocent, he is not selling love, he is selling something being a bottom that he will not share with his real lover, so it’s not important. I recently saw the movie This was another of those, ‘the cover, oh dear god, the cover! One such act is reading this book. They each have their own issues, and X gets paid to have sex with various men of various regtenmund and shapes. Love love love this book! The story itself is interesting as it put me in the mind of a gay prostitute.

The novel tells the story of X, who is There are things that I do, and rettenmunf later. The object of his affections is his roommate Andrew, who is confused about his sexuality. So I was hesitant to read “Boy Culture” since I think the movie is one of the most wonderful gay romance movie out there. Maybe since it’s not an adaptation, but it was a novel way before it was made into a movie?

Matthee 31, London W Gillean rated it really liked it Shelves: