Dinion IP Camera NBC en Installation and Operation Manual Dinion IP Camera Table of Contents | en 3 Table of Contents 1 Safety 8 Safety precautions. CCTV | NBC Dinion IP Cameras. Dinion IP cameras With a 1/3 inch color CCD and Bosch·s advanced digital Bosch·s innovative tri streaming feature. Bosch NBCP VGA Ready to Use C/CS Mount Box shape Network CameraVAC or 12 VDC or PoE, Manufacturer: Bosch, Category: IP & Megapixel.

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Center window weighting Gain: The image can be stored on a local computer, a local network, or at an Internet address. The camera is equipped with many security levels for accessing the network, the camera, and the data channels. Connect to the camera again using this address.

If required, retrieve these images at a later date to reconstruct alarm events. After a successful installation, two new icons for the Player and the Archive Player appear on the desktop.

Auto-connect Select On to automatically re-established a connection to one of the previously specified IP addresses after each reboot, connection breakdown, or network failure.

Bosch NBC IP Color Camera FU B&H Photo Video

Web browser Active proxy server in Create a rule in the local contains empty network. Otherwise, this field can remain empty 0. When it reachesit starts again from It incorporates enhanced digital signal processing, which increases sensitivity, and an Auto Black function that enhances contrast in color pictures by dynamically stretching the illumination levels in scenes to reduce the darkest areas to near black.


Separate collecting systems are usually in place for disused electronic and electrical products. The device contacts the remote locations one after the other in the numbered sequence until a connection is made. Features such as multicasting, internet streaming and iSCSI recording are fully supported. When you have entered a value, such as the IP address, check the characters you have entered before pressing Enter to transfer the values to the camera.

A special IP address class D address must be configured for multicast operation in a multicast-enabled network.

Bosch NBC-455-11P VGA Ready to Use C/CS Mount Box shape Network Camera-24VAC or 12 VDC or PoE

If necessary, click Clear All first to clear the current 3. The camera is configured boosch the network using the browser or via the supplied Configuration Manager.

Other submenus and functions can be nbc-45-11p using the on-screen commands. Company logo Enter the path to a suitable image in this field. OSD with soft-key operation multi-lingual.

Activate recording After completing configuration, activate the recording schedule and start recording. Tamper detection Detect tampering nbc-4555-11p cameras and video cables by means of various options. File for system log Enter the path for saving the system log here. Auto tracking white balance allows the camera to continually adjust for optimal color reproduction. These settings cannot be changed.

Bosch NBC-455-11P IP camera with built-in video motion detection

Move the mouse cursor over the video image; additional options for controlling peripherals are displayed with the mouse cursor.


Support for features like multicasting, internet streaming, and iSCSI recording makes it ideal for many surveillance applications.

It shows the live video image on the right of the browser window. Make sure that the retention time corresponds with the available memory capacity. Subnet mask Enter nvc-455-11p appropriate subnet mask for the set IP address. Be the first to review this item. Connect a local monitor transmission to to the camera and check remote location. Keep this information at hand when seeking technical support.

Bosch NBCP Dinion H IP Camera

Interface mode Select the desired protocol for the serial interface. Auto, Forced Dynamic Range: Initiator extension Add text to an initiator name to make identification easier in large iSCSI systems. The name of the committee that created a standard for encoding still images. If the maximum memory capacity is reached, older recordings will automatically be overwritten. The configuration menu is divided into Basic Mode and Advanced Mode.

For complex images or frequent changes of boshc content due to frequent movements, this limit can temporarily be exceeded up to the value entered in the Maximum data rate field.