Blood of Brothers has ratings and 56 reviews. Frank said: I’ve spent three and a half months in Nicaragua over the past two winters studying Spanish. By the former New York Times Managua bureau chief, this is a well-written, information-rich survey of modern Nicaragua. Kinzer describes how Cesar Sandino’s. Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua is a book by Stephen Kinzer, an American author and New York Times foreign correspondent who reported.

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Following his life and his journalist adventures make it part history book, part memoir. Kinzer is a fair, bothers journalist throughout. I was supposed to visit Nicaragua this past summer, but right before my trip, massive and violent civil unrest broke out, and it continues today. Nov 23, Robert Enzenauer rated it it was amazing. Nov 28, Rebecca rated it did not like it.

Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua (Latin American Studies)

As a very patriotic American, though, I’ve always struggled to understand the politics, the state of their economy, and the differences in their beliefs and lifestyles, as it is so different from any I’ve ever known. A whimsical narrative that gives great light to the actual history of Nicaragua throughout the different conflicts, but is a little polished in the realities of the whole situation.

The Revolution in Venezuela Jonathan Eastwood. Mar 10, Susan rated it it was amazing. The digital Loeb Classical Library loebclassics. He dives to bloos heart of motivations to make you feel situated in understanding a conflict that previously felt too complex and daunting, too kiinzer with propaganda on both sides to make sense of.


Blood of Brothers

A really comprehensive history about Nicaragua during the war and how it affected its citizens. I think it captures a time and place in Nicaraguan history more or less accurately. I learned a lot about the succes I read this book in lieu of going on our study abroad trip to Nicaragua. Mar 06, Tim rated it it was amazing Shelves: He was also well-placed to become the local correspondent for the New York Times, which is what he was from onwards.

In spite of all this, I have to say, Blood of Brothers is a very entertaining read.

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with hlood 50 million reviews. I’ve spent three and a half months in Nicaragua over the past two winters studying Spanish, volunteering and travelling.

I learned quite a lot reading this book, but even the most careful, diligent reader will have a hard time following the fluid loyalties and upsets encountered here. He is quick to make baseless assertions backed brrothers by phrases like “though I could never prove it, I knew ‘so-and-so’ to be true”. In this book Stephen Kinzer covers life and politics in Nicaragua from right before the Somoza dictatorship was toppled, until the Sandinistas leaving power.

Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua by Stephen Kinzer

I have a couple of other books on Nicaragua on my “to read” list — will be interesting to see if Kinzer’s presentation of the less-than-ideal image not only of the contras which is a given but of the Sandinistas is found in these other books as well. The perspective of the author as a newspaper correspondent first for the Boston Globe and then for the NY Times from toyou get not only a picture of what the unfolding of events in Nicaragua during those crucial years, but also a sense of what it meant to be a journalist in the midst of those times.


Description Inat age twenty-five, Stephen Kinzer arrived in Nicaragua as a freelance journalist – and became a witness to history.

Kinzer describes being captivated early on by a book about Nicaragua written in ! Not that every book must be Chomsky approved to be fair and thorough, but this isn’t the only instance where the Times’ coverage bliod foreign affairs — and Central Americ [The polls] show that all of the opposition parties in Nicaragua combined had the support of only 9 percent of the population, but they have percent of Stephen Kinzer. Dec 11, Nick rated it liked it. They were being assigned to cooperatives, told what to grow, and required to sell all they raised–except for kiinzer they ate themselves–to government agencies at fixed prices.

Looking for beautiful books? Jul 02, Diane Ramirez rated it really liked it.

Blood of Brothers : Stephen Kinzer :

In fact it didnt show any polititcian in a very positive light. The kinzrr of the landscape, the relaxed and laid back lifestyle, and the kindness of the people is amazing. Could the Sandinistas been able to end up with a more moderate and more progressive regime had that not happened?

The blood and guts of the story literally and figuratively can be found elsewhere, in books like Leslie Cockburn’s “Out of Control: