Telcordia software to calculate the reliability prediction of electronic equipment based on the Telcordia (Bellcore) TR and SR standards. Free trial. Telcordia Telecom Information SuperStore – Reliability Prediction Procedure for The following documents were fully or partly replaced by SR TR Bellcore TR – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Reliability and Maintainability Symp. So the result of 0. Numerous experiments with different stress conditions have been reported in the literature, where the values have been reported in bsllcore range between 2 and 3.

Recommended methods for predicting device and unit hardware reliability. Revised environmental factors in Section 9 based on field data and experience. The models allow reliability prediction to be performed using three methods for predicting product reliability: The MIL-HDBK predictive method consists bellcoe two parts; one is known as the parts count method and the other is called the part stress method [1].

SR – Reliability Prediction Procedure | Telcordia

Screen shots click to enlarge Grid view Dialog view Gr-332 view. These facilities enable you to experiment with temperature, environmental and stress settings and see how your system performance will vary.

To obtain high product reliability, consideration of reliability issues should be integrated from the very beginning of the design phase. While the Arrhenius model emphasizes the dependency of reactions on temperature, the Eyring model is commonly used for demonstrating the dependency of reactions on stress factors other than temperature, such as mechanical stress, humidity or voltage. The advantages and disadvantages of empirical methods have been discussed a lot in the past three decades.


Therefore, the prediction is usually more accurate, given that enough samples are used in the testing. Hot carrier injection describes the phenomena observed in MOSFETs by which the carrier gains sufficient energy to be injected into the gate oxide, generate interface or bulk oxide defects and degrade MOSFETs characteristics such as threshold voltage, bellcoge, etc.

The most common failure mode is “conductor open. To download a free demonstration of our Telcordia software click here. The physics of failure and life testing methods can be used in both design and production stages.

Bellcore/Telcordia Reliability Prediction in Lambda Predict

This procedure also documents a recommended method for predicting serial system hardware reliability. Accurate prediction of the reliability of electronic products requires knowledge of the components, the design, the manufacturing process and the expected operating conditions. Parts Count Method II: Using this equation, the parameters B and C calculated by ALTA can easily be transformed to the parameters described above for the Arrhenius relationship.

Several different approaches have been developed to achieve the reliability prediction of electronic systems and components. This leads to the concept of reliability prediction. Three factors are usually considered for testing: The standard provides the generic failure rates and three part stress factors: For this example, the life of an electronic component is considered to be affected by temperature.

In using the above models, the model parameters can be determined from the design specifications or operating conditions. Click to Request Price Quote. In today’s competitive electronic products market, bellcorf higher reliability than competitors is one of the key factors for success. Features Powerful and user friendly Fr-332 telecom standard reliability prediction software Combine prediction methods for complex analysis Optimize designs to meet targeted goals Select components with regard to reliability and cost savings Be more accurate and efficient than with manual methods Take advantage of powerful ‘what if’ analytical tools Identify weak areas in a system design Build and open multiple systems and projects files Drag and drop components and systems between projects Powerful charting bllcore ITEM ToolKit’s Reliability Prediction Modules ITEM ToolKit contains five modules for performing reliability prediction MTBF analysis.


Usually, the lower the values, the more conservative the estimation.

In this article, we discussed three approaches for electronic reliability prediction. This empirically based model is known as the Arrhenius equation.

Bellcore/Telcordia Predictions

The failure rate for a part under the reference conditions is calculated as:. Powerful and user friendly Telcordia telecom standard reliability prediction software.

View Table of Contents Payment Processing. Predictions based on field data The Telcordia standard also documents a recommended method for predicting serial system hardware reliability.

Bellcore/Telcordia Predictions

The Telcordia standard also documents a recommended method for predicting serial system hardware reliability. In this article, we will provide an overview of all three approaches.

From Figure 4, we can see tr332 the estimated activation energy in the Arrhenius model is 0. A model known as the modified Coffin-Manson model has been used successfully to model crack growth in solder due to repeated temperature cycling as the device is switched on and off.

These methods tend to present good estimates of reliability for similar or slightly modified parts. Powerful global editing facilities are available for performing “what if” evaluations.

It can also be used for: Tables needed to belllcore the calculation of reliability predictions.