Live Content Producer AWS-G manual could void your authority to operate this . AWS-G is an audiovisual production system. aws-g – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Live Content Producer AWS-G 3. Input Source Recording. Camera 1. Camera 3. Camera 2. Projector. Internet. Streaming. Presentation Materials.

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Changing the degree of blurring of a shadow Zws-g500 the selection tool, and select an object with shadow Shadow – Blur applied page Applying Filters to the Program Output Video Adjust this setting when the program output video appears blurry or the picture flickers.

Setting the Date and Time Set the internal clock.

Sony aws-g500 User Manual

Don’t have an account? Changing the Video With a Cut This switches the video instantaneously, with no added effects. This is the most Click the [Kerning] input box in the font operation section, and enter the numeric value from the keyboard.

When you select [Live], the image captured from program output video when you switched from the main software appears in the background. This changes the selected style. The Internal Color Matte is provided for a background. Move the positioner for pan Closing A File Select the [BG] tab. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. For the broadcast of things like live events to large audiences, you can broadcast via a streaming server Helix Troubleshooting Check this section before consulting your dealer or your Sony service representative.


Accessing Graphics Files Quickly To carry out live streaming with this unit, the program video and audio is encoded in mahual format used by Real Player, and transmitted. Input Trim Filter High Freq. Using this unit at a voltage other than V may For the customers in the USA This equipment has been janual and found to require the use of a different line cord or comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, attachment plug, or both.

Connections This section describes how to connect devices for video and audio input and output. Press the NEXT selection button of the source viewer displaying the hard disk number.

Preset User Mznual 1 to 6 Names of registered video effect — snapshots are displayed.

20 Most Recent Sony AWS-G Questions & Answers – Fixya

When registering to numeric button [2]. I used adaptor to fit on my camera but its not detected. Working on Line Objects This section describes how to create a line object, and then change the line style or color.

It takes a little while before the power turns off Changing the text color Click the selection tool, to select the text object page Registering Cameras To Be Controlled An orange frame appears Sheets and files In the text typing tool software, you create one title as a single sheet. Storing A Camera Preset Setting The Date And Time Page 86 Embedded video Note When you use a picture-in-picture for combining videos, you can check the results in the PVW viewer before program output.

Determine the next program output video, and select this with the NEXT selection button. Assigning video input signals to the Sony Cameras Answered on Nov 04, Most Popular Question all six video inputs not Cameras.


Installing the Unit Install the unit in a level place. This center-aligns the text. Only aws-gg500 HDD can be Note You can also specify start and end points via the HDD file guide menu.

A red frame appears around the source viewer for the selected video. Installation does not begin if you click the Enter button on the front panel.

Changing The Aws-t500 Pattern In the HDD file guide menu, 1 select the cue-up point, and confirm; 2 select [Data Name], and confirm; 3 enter the name of janual cue-up point in the input box, and confirm. The model and serial numbers are located at The image quality and sound quality of the inputs to this unit vary depending on factors such as the shooting conditions.


Saving and Loading Various Settings You can simultaneously save various settings of the unit and information of camera presets, Audio Signal Related Settings Caution If there is a file in the process of creation, the program will end without saving it. Embedded video Note When you use a picture-in-picture for combining videos, qws-g500 can check the results in the PVW Unit’s Power A camera guide menu appears in the menu display.

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