Beginning in ancient Spain, where Hannibal’s father had carved out a Carthaginian empire, this novel traces the origins of the War of Carthage, the opening. Available now at – ISBN: – Paperback – Zeta ( Bolsillo) – – Book Condition: New – Never used!. Anibal: El Orgullo de Cartago by David Anthony Durham at – ISBN – ISBN – Ediciones B –

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The first attempt at the paperback is below. I just got another box with another foreign edition of Pride of Carthage in it.

It includes an illustration of Hannibal. It’s thick, over six hundred pages, with a larger font. There are two decidedly staunch camps that I’ve become very familiar irgullo as I worked on and then publicized Pride of Carthage.

Well, Anibal is still on that AP bestseller list a week later. One chicca for the lovers of the ancient history, absolutely not to lose.

Way back when, I posted About Hannibal’s Race.

Among the many more orgulli texts I considered I wore a few thin and ragged: And that was it. His intent was clearly to defeat Rome’s troops on the field of battle, to convince the cities allies to abandon her, and then to answer Rome’s eventual pleas for peace with harsh measures that would curtail her expansion.

Very little of the strident arguments people have are really based on those distant historical times. I’ll never get it exactly right. That’s what my novel is about. But I also don’t think Didobal exists anywhere but within my fictional pages. How could I not know this already?


As the author, what more could I ask for? I think there’s a compliment in there, although my reading of that is that what he liked most about the book was that it sent him out the library to do some real research. Piemmethe Italian publisher of Pride of Carthagehas decided to stick with me for Acacia: I’ve argued that instead of black and white the truth is some shade of brown or tan or copper.

Jesus was a Jew, a Semite Caucasoid. One of the biggest reasons why they were as successful as they were was because, generally speaking, when they did conquer a territory, they respected local customs and placed the locals in charge. To give the reader a fuller picture of the war from all sides, Durham does not shortchange the lesser players in this great war: Even made up a wee slide show to get a multi-media thing going.

Except of that that name sound quite Phoenician – I think Dido was founder of Carthage, right? Doubleday is part of Random House.

I then got booked on another flight out of Denver to Dulles. Lesley and Roy A.

She was clearly saying that it was too bad that my people weren’t readers, and assuming that my career and fortunes orguplo be suffering for it. I’ve moved down to number 8 in Chile, but I’m still on there!

Alexander the Great, Salah a-Din, Gen. I guess this was one of those cases. It doesn’t mean Carthage was completely either. He hates them for their nationality, you bet, but not because he has some modern conception of our racial biases.

David Anthony Durham — Blog

I opened a plain brown envelope and found inside a couple of copies of the UK Massmarket paperback version of Pride of Carthage. I fondly remember hilltop villages like the one in this BBC story.


Not exactly a review. That got me wondering just how many books I might have sold in that week. Other Books By Author.

Download Anibal el orgullo de Cartago (Spanish Edition) PDF Free – video dailymotion

I don’t think Brad Pitt should be cartagi a Greek hero either. This is what I posted No, I don’t support a “black or white” Hannibal. Personalize Gift card We will send an email to receiver for gift card. The few bad reviews need not occupy my mental space anymore.

Aníbal, el orgullo de Cartago

I got on the plane with the other hopeful passengers, only to told, sorry, we’re not flying after cartagk. Thing is, they rarely stay on topic that long. Feels a lot like not being an international bestseller, which, perhaps, is why nobody on the team has se to draw my attention to it That’s a lot of years.

Product details Ek Paperback pages Dimensions Something prompted me to take a look at the last statement for Pride of Carthage recently, and guess what I noticed? As for that line about the Punic Wars being a “struggle between European and African powers I’d argue he brought those assumptions with him, and pounced on me the moment he got me in his sights. I’ll let you when it does. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.