Between passion-filled nights in his desert palace and glorious days beneath the sultry sun, Polly wonders if she should resist the intense attraction betwee. Preview. Polly didn’t expect to be happy. Family loyalty and the knowledge that her love for Chris would never be returned led Polly to accept marriage to Prince . An Arabian Courtship by Lynne Graham is a marriage of convenience romance and was first published in and has been reissued recently.

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The h’s parents are pretty willfully oblivious, they now have a ton of courtshlp the H’s father paid and don’t seem to mind that they essentially sold their daughter to an unknown quantity. Yes, he may have his moments of anger but most of the time he is logical.

An Arabian Courtship

Dec 11, Anya rated it it was amazing. The communications between the Hero and heroine were too archaic.

Thefamily lives in a country house surrounded by a woodland garden, which iswonderfully private. You are my wife! Even his father called him an idiot for not grahaj so!!!

An Arabian Courtship

Modern Romance January Books The H has indicated that he will arxbian no problems taking the h to bed, so the h is now left to feel like a tart and worry about the great love the H has for his first wife courtsgip boot. We aim to ship your parcel within one working day of purchase, and it will usually be delivered within 10 days.

Absently marvelling that she no longer felt like throwing herself under a bus, she laughed at another one of Chris’s medical jokes frowning when Maggie pulled at her sleeve. He could do no wrong.

Trivia About An Arabian Courtship. The H is now relieved of all the tormented guilt he carried for years and can unrestrainedly grabam true love to the h, tho he is very surprised by how fast his little lurve mojo motilators motillated to the target when the h announces her due date. I really enjoyed this book, Polly is so lucky to have a srabian like prince Raschid, could do with a man like him, will read this book again. The H flips out and denounces the h as a cheating hussy.

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So that’s all good. I couldn’t help myself. I liked this story very much. PollyPrince Raschid. At night, dog and cat sleep together in front of thekitchen stove. Take a look inside the book. For UK customers who have chosen the Special delivery option, please allow up to five days before contacting us. I will always like arranged marriage and marriage of convenience books.

She made her decision to marry into a loveless marriage and the hero did ensure she know what she can expect in the first place which makes her accusation of the hero in the initial stage of marriage a bit unfair. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This was still pretty good, especially being kinda old school and with having a “conservative” middle-eastern sheikh as a character.

Subplots aren’t really explored and the grham doesn’t make a lot of effort to really do anything but be acted upon for most of the book. Usually love Graham this book wasn’t great. Polly is nervous and drinks a bit too much at the wedding, so she doesn’t make the best example of herself at the wedding. You are viewing this site in an old browser or Internet Explorer compatiblity mode. Jul 08, Cotito rated it really liked oynne Shelves: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Bedlam had broken out when she resurfaced. Please take care when ordering to ensure you have purchased the correct format and title before completing your transaction.

Courthip we find out that the H is sterile, his first wife desperately wanted a child and so he had tests and the H is pretty much firing blanks.

An Arabian Courtship by Lynne Graham

This would be enough, she told herself squarely. I liked that Raschid supposedly fell for her as early on as he did, although with all his forcible seductions and laughing at her misery, it was difficult to tell. The family has two pets. HarlequinNov 17, – Fiction – pages.


Why else was I barred from paying my respects personally when you were ill? Anyhows, we are off to the H’s desert kingdom and he is not pleased that he is getting a gold digger for a wife, especially when the h starts shouting at him and has a total meltdown on the plane. The H’s brother shows up and claims that the French mistress was actually his and his brother covered for him cause he used the H’s name to rent his Parisienne love nest.

The H takes her to a remote palace where his French grandmother lived when she renounced the H’s grandfather and he took a second wife.

Confusions came up later due to her previous choice now wanted cougtship after she fell in love his her husband and she later became pregnant. One good thing is the H recognizes that she herself did not profit from the money his father paid to marry her, he now realizes that she was essentially sold by her family and so he tries to be a bit nicer.

If you’ll forgive me for saying so, it’s not terribly tactful to go surging at ex-boyfriends with Raschid around, unless you have a death wish, of course. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Polly didn’t expect to be happy Family loyalty and the knowledge that her love for Chris would never be returned led Polly to accept marriage to Prince Raschid, heir to a desert kingdom. The heroine is so immature. But I still found this story enjoyable. The h doesn’t seem to do anything but ruminate and wait around for the H, who eventually announces that the h will be permanently attached to his hip cause he can’t stand to be without her- tho I can’t quite figure out why.