Visible identities:race, gender, and the self/Linda Martın Alcoff. p. cm.—(Studies in feminist philosophy). Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN In the heated debates over identity politics, few theorists have looked carefully at the conceptualizations of identity assumed by all sides. Visible. PDF | On Mar 1, , David Ingram and others published Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self by Linda Alcoff.

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Alcoff commences her project by reviewing the claims of liberals, political commentators and academics who espouse the hope identitues a unified American identity. It is useful analysis of the issues, especially as public intellectuals close to the Democratic party are reviving Rorty’s and Schlesinger’s idfntities arguments, and are advocating, in the pages of the American Prospect and the New Republic, that their party should distance itself from its over-devotion to the language of “diversity” and special interest “rights” and return to the language of the “common good.

This problem is also apparent in her discussion of the black-white binary.

Reflections on a Multicultural Society. Added to PP index Total downloads 62, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 19 24, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? In addition to the chapters already mentioned, her other chapters include an analysis of the identity crisis in feminist theory, whiteness, the black-white binary, and a discussion of the debate over whether ‘Latino’ refers to a racial or ethnic category.

In short, I worry that Alcoff does not fully consider the incentives that social identities have to institutionalize and to form bureaucracies. But identities such as race and gender also have a powerful visual and material aspect that eliminativists and social constructionists often underestimate.

The Pathologizing of Identity. Alief in Action and Reaction. A new and controversial theory that Latino identity is not simply ethnic but also racial An argument against racial eliminitivism. The Identity Crisis in Feminist Theory. Although the weight alcoft Alcoff’s identitied rests in the first section, the collection of chapters in the following sections, all of which have been previously published, are invaluable resources for scholars interested in this area of philosophy, and will be useful in classes ranging from political and social philosophy to feminist philosophy and race theory.


Modern Identities Between Taylor and Foucault. Latinos and the Categories of Race. University Press Scholarship Online.

End Matter Visbile Index. The Ant Trap Brian Epstein. The book develops a more realistic characterization of identity in general through combining phenomenological approaches to embodiment with hermeneutic concepts of the interpretive horizon.

Within that chapter — which is especially pertinent in the context of our present national discussions of immigration and conflicts between African Americans and Latinos — she criticizes the unjustified focus on black and white concerns and perspectives in national discussions of race. The remaining sections of Visible Identities are devoted to discussions of particular identities and the detailing of her phenomenological account of racial embodiment.

Racialized Identities and Racist Subjects 7.

Furthermore, since these categories identites with scripts, determined by social expectations and stereotypes, they serve to undermine individual autonomy and individually formed rational life plans. Alcoff introduces her conception of embodiment and visibility in the fourth chapter, “Real Identities,” but she expands it in chapters six, “The Metaphysics of Gender and Sexual Difference,” seven, “The Phenomenology of Racial Embodiment,” and eight, “Racism and Visible Race.

Classical, Early, and Medieval Prose and Writers: Request removal from index.

Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self – Oxford Scholarship

Since our identities so strongly affect our interaction with the world, they cannot be so easily transcended in the way that liberals typically demand. Race, Gender, and the Self by Linda Alcoff. Philosophical Issues of Identity and Justice. Visible Identities offers a careful analysis of the political and philosophical worries about identity aalcoff argues that these worries are neither supported by the empirical data nor grounded in realistic understandings of what identities are.


The four chapters that make up that section are expanded versions of recent work, and take up the bulk of Visible Identities. Ebook This title is available as an ebook.

Relational Knowing and Epistemic Injustice: Our Faithfulness to the Past Sue Campbell. She also, however, reminds us that these complex and radically particular identities have historically served as points of political organization, and argues that they should engender larger political participation. She attempts such a pairing in her sixth chapter, where she defends the controversial theory that the “objective basis of sex categories is in the differential relationship to reproductive capacity between men and women Social Dynamics Brian Skyrms.

Science Logic and Mathematics. The rise of mixed race consciousness and the claiming of the identity by an increasing number of multiracial youth, who otherwise would have been considered to be a member of “just” one race, has been met with widespread suspicion, criticism, and active opposition from such institutional forces as the NAACP and La Raza.

Alcoff develops this line of thought in the first chapter, as well as in her chapters on Latino and mixed race identity.


More In the heated debates over identity politics, few theorists have looked carefully at kdentities conceptualizations of identity assumed by all sides.

Allison Weir – – Philosophy and Social Criticism 35 5: Those chapters have been previously published but they have also been reworked to include her insights from the first section.

Secondly, for Alcoff, the identities of identitiex and gender are embodied and visible to the world. Classical, Early, and Medieval World History: