Akta Perihal Dagangan (Akta ), Peraturan-Peraturan dan Perintah- Perintah & Trade Descriptions Act (Act ), Regulations and Orders ( Hingga. (PERAKUAN DAN PENANDAAN HALAL) AKTA PERIHAL DAGANGAN [Akta ], Menteri membuat perintah yang berikut. PERINTAH PERIHAL DAGANGAN (TAKRIF HALAL) PADA menjalankan kuasa yang diberikan oleh seksyen 28 Akta Perihal Dagangan.

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Mukim – Kuala Lumpur. Mohd Hanafi Ramly v.

Dagangab enforcement agency is one of the bodies that responsible for the issue of halal. Cap dagangan – Permohonan perintah perihal dagangan – Perlanggaran cap dagangan dalam perjalanan perdagangan – Cap dagangan berdaftar “Squiggles” bagi barangan roti – Sama ada penggunaan cap “Squiggle” oleh perayu bagi barangan rotinya melanggar cap dagangan berdaftar “Squiggles” – Sama ada perintah perihal dagangan boleh diberikan – Sama ada perintah perihal dagangan boleh diberikan terus secara ex parte – Sama ada terdapat penggunaan suci hati cap dagangan berdaftar dalam tempoh statutori yang ditetapkan – Aktz ada perintah bagi pdrihal cap dagangan berdaftar boleh diberikan – Sama ada perayu seorang terkilan – Sama ada tarikh penggunaan sesuatu cap dagangan oleh seseorang pengguna berdaftar boleh dikuatkuasakan kebelakangan – Akta Perihal Dagangans.

Judicial review – Certiorari – Housing tribunal, award of – Tribunal awarding house buyers damages for late delivery of vacant possession – Whether Tribunal had misconstrued law – Whether claim for damages datangan – Rules of the High CourtO.

Penal Code – s. The paper also will discuss and elaborate the legal issues and hiccups due to halal. This website has perijal updated to the best of our knowledge to be accurate. Firstly, the jurisdiction of enforcement agencies will be discussed throughout this paper. Although the implementation and enforcement of halal in Malaysia is seen as comprehensive, the issues on weakness and lameness of the agencies are still being debated especially matters related to procedures and conflict of jurisdictions.


Notwithstanding of statutory provisions, the finding of this paper is based on interviews with the enforcement agencies of halal products. Infringement – Allegation of – Whether proved – Whether plaintiffs had discharged burden to prove copying on similarities between their lanterns and those installed by defendants – Whether lantern eligible for copyright protection if reproduced more than 50 times – Copyright Acts.


Get this bulletin as email by going to http: Shares – Acquisition and disposal of – Approval akha Ministry of Finance or Bank Negara Malaysia – Plaintiff and defendant joint owners of subject company – Plaintiff purchasing over shares of company from defendant – Application by plaintiff dzgangan compel defendant to give written consent and further information to Ministry of Finance and Bank Negara Malaysia – Whether ‘option clause’ illegal – ‘Approval in principle’, whether already given by Bank Negara Malaysia – Refusal of defendant to reveal clarification given by Bank Negara Malaysia, significance of – Whether proceedings should be stayed for matter to be referred to arbitration – Whether there are issues in dispute – Arbitration Acts.

Judicial review – Decision of Industrial Court – Premature termination of fixed term employment contract with just cause and excuse – Whether perihql in accordance with mutually agreed termination clause – Whether judicial review application to be dismissed Chin Chun Yean v. Shyam Ishta Puthucheary v.

Pelaksanaan Dan Penguatkuasaan Halal Di Malaysia | Badarulzaman | Sains Humanika

Agreement – Finance agreement – Appellants obtained end financing from respondents for purchase of apartments – Allegation of sale and purchase agreement void in law – Whether consequently, 201 financing agreement appellants signed with respondents void and of no effect – Whether duty on respondents to ensure SPA free from legal infirmities – Whether SPA and financing agreement two distinct and separate contracts – Whether finance agreement valid regardless of alleged illegality of SPA – Whether respondent acted in pari delicto – Contracts 20011s.

Money Services Business Act Adverse inference – Non calling of material witness – Witness arrested together with accused not called by prosecution in drug case – Whether gap caused in prosecution’s case – Whether adverse inference should be invoked – Evidence Acts.

Peruhal – Child witness – Competency – Whether evidence corroborated – Whether child understood nature of oath – Perihwl unsafe for trial judge to act on uncorroborated evidence of a child – Evidence Acts. Chin Chun Yean v. A few recommendations have been suggested as to improve the lacuna pursuant to the roles and jurisdictions of the enforcement agencies. Ace Ina International Holdings Ltd v.

Abstract The enforcement agency is one of the bodies that responsible for the issue of halal. Keywords Consumer, law, halal, akha product, syariah. Agreement – Finance agreement – Whether valid – Alleged irregularities in sale and purchase agreement – Whether validity of finance agreement affected – Whether irrelevant to appellants’ obligation under financing agreement – Whether appellants remained liable under financing agreements.


Securities Commission Amendment Act Duty of court – Court to give effect to statute regardless of consequences – Whether court has power to fill gaps – Tribunal’s jurisdiction pursuant to s. Action – Limitation – Issue of – Claim for damages – Applicant’s failure to deliver vacant possession within prescribed period – Section 16N 2 b Housing Developers Control And Licensing Act – Interpretation and import – Whether could override time-barred limitation on s.

Place – Kampung Sungai Labu. Trade Descriptions Act Employment – Termination of employment – Termination before expiry of 5-year fixed term employment contract – Whether termination constituted dismissal with just cause and excuse – Whether termination in accordance with mutually agreed termination clause – Whether Industrial Court correct in holding dismissal with just cause and excuse – Whether judicial review application to be dismissed Chin Chun Yean v.

Danaharta Urus Sdn Bhd v. Registered design – Infringement – Ownership of industrial design – Whether there was infringement of industrial design – Damages – Whether intellectual property rights vested pursuant to contract entered between parties – Industrial Designs Acts.

Penal Code – Section – Outraging modesty – Appeal against conviction and sentence – Evidence of child witness – Competency and corroboration – Whether conviction unsafe – Whether there was misdirection leading to failure of justice – Evidence Acts. This paper focuses on the jurisdiction of the enforcement agencies pertaining to halal matters. Advance Synergy Capital Berhad. Appeal – Conviction and sentence, against – Whether trial judge had considered mandatory requirements of s.

Restricted Residence Repeal Bill Not Yet In Force. Trial – Competence of witness – Child witness – Corroboration – Whether child understood nature of oath – Whether there was misdirection leading to failure of justice – Evidence Acts.