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This is the initial publication of AFI , revising AFR Don’t develop AFOSH standards if existing Air Force directives and technical. Refer to Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Occupational and .. AFI , Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire. AFOSH program guidance applies to all areas, except where otherwise . Manages the AFOSH standards program (AFI , Air Force.

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Recertification on task not currently being performed 1. Column 3 is used to record completion of tasks and knowledge training requirements. A CFETP is a comprehensive core training document that identifies; life-cycle education and training requirements; training support resources; and minimum core task requirements for a specialty.

Uses vehicle operations computerized systems. Performs and manages vehicle operations functions and activities. Additionally, ALS personnel are responsible for issuing, fitting, inspection, maintenance, afu storage of aviators NVGs only.

COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PUBLICATIONISMANDATORY NOTICE Thispublicationisavailabledigitallyonthe_百度文库

When AFMC equipment, training or procedural requirements differ from host base or contractor programs, the DFO will make sure host-tenant or contract support agreements include these requirements where possible. Pilot and Non-pilot Units. AFIOperations Security 91-30. Attachment 1 contains the proficiency code key used to indicate the level of training and knowledge provided by resident training and career development courses.

Approved IGs are available at: You are performing a periodic inspection of an explosive operation.


Egress Volume 1 Ures

The aircraft commander or their designated representative may conduct 91–302 briefing. Designates and coordinates shuttle bus and mass transportation requirements. Aircrew Life Support personnel assigned to AFRL are subject matter experts and liaisons between the field and the laboratory in the research and development of ALSE and human-related studies.

Ensure equipment stored in the mobility bins or boxes is inventoried and inspected for serviceability at least once every days. Meeting the task standard.

Manages school bus transportation. Store items neatly and separated to prevent commingling of serviceable, reparable, and unserviceable items. Military Design Vehicles 3. One time event, per base assignment, conducted prior to the first flight at home station to familiarize aircrew members with local ALS equipment availability, issue, use, pre-flight, and post-flight procedures.

The afl will be used by MFM and supervisors at all levels to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive training programs are available for each individual in the specialty.


Configure aircraft ALSE for appropriate contingency operations. Prepares aircrew and passengers to survive, affect their rescue, and return to duty if forced to abandon 91-30 aircraft during an emergency. Units should delete information from the IGs that do ati pertain to their mission. Personnel in the applicable office must respond to your appeal of an unsatisfactory response to a hazard report within.

Vehicle operator briefing b 4. Included are dispatching, operating and servicing motor vehicles such as general purpose, base maintenance, and material handling vehicles. ALS personnel assigned to units with a mobility requirement are assigned to arming Groups B and C, as applicable. Column 4 shows the proficiency to be demonstrated on the job by the graduate as a result of training on the task and knowledge and the career knowledge provided by the correspondence course.


Restrict from flying any aircrew who has not 91-3002 required training events grounding events only. Units are encouraged to use E-mail to facilitate correspondence.

Successful completion of all mandatory 7-skill level items above and certification by the members supervisor after completion of mandatory upgrade requirements results in the award of 7 skill level. Serves as a management tool to plan, manage, conduct, and evaluate a career field training program. The flight surgeon inspects ALS shops for compliance with occupational health and safety standards and assists in resolving mask-fitting problems.

Medical supply personnel will provide, or assist ALS units in acquiring, first aid kits, isopropyl alcohol, gauze pads, and other medical supplies used for cleaning and maintaining ALSE. Units are authorized, IAW T. To eliminate or control hazards or deficiencies before injuries or damage.

Submit all suggested changes and improvements to this supplement on AF FormRecommendation for Change of Publication.