ACI 530.1 ASCE 6 TMS 602 PDF


Mortar. Mortar for use in masonry construction shall conform to ASTM C and Articles and A of TMS. /ACI /ASCE 6, except for mortars . Specifications for masonry structures: ACI /ASCE /TMS with ASTM references. Imprint: Detroit: American Concrete Institute, c 5/TMS , and its accompanying masonry specification, ACI /ASCE 6/TMS New provisions and revisions of existing standards for masonry design.

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The units shall be of whole, sound materials and free from ascce and other defects that will interfere with proper laying or use. Appears on pages s: From combustible trim 6 inches from opening 66 references are to Figure This table provides a summary of major requirements for the construction of masonry chimneys and fireplaces. The vertical distance from the foundation wall or other immediate support of such wall to the top of the wall.

Welded splices shall azce be permitted in plastic hinge zones of intermediate or special reinforced walls or special moment frames of masonry. A masonry shear wall designed to resist lateral forces neglecting stresses in reinforcement, and designed in accordance with Section In no case shall the length of the lapped splice be less than 40 bar diameters. The compressive strength of AAC masonry shall be based on the strength of the AAC masonry unit only and the following shall be met: Ack following words and terms shall, for the purposes of this chapter and as used elsewhere in this code, have the meanings shown herein.

Exposed combustible trim and the edges of sheathing materials, such as wood siding, are permitted to abut the masonry chimney sidewalls, in accordance with Figure An approved chimney for removing the products of sace from fuel-burning, medium-heat appliances producing combustion gases between ?

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In Seismic Design Category C or Acci, masonry and concrete fireplaces shall be reinforced and anchored as detailed in Sections Water-resistant organic adhesives used for the installation of ceramic tile shall comply with ANSI A The outlet shall be closable and designed to prevent burning material from dropping into concealed combustible spaces. Anchorage shall conform to the following requirements. Minimum grout compressive strength equals f'[ m ] but not less than 2, psi Qsce there is practical difficulty in complying strictly with the provisions of this item, the commissioner may permit an equally safe alternative.


Fireplaces not supported on foundations shall be 50.1 on noncombustible construction having a minimum fire resistance rating of 3 hours for the elements in contact with the fireplace.

When a flue is relined with a material not complying acl Section A clearance of at least 8 inches mm shall be provided between the gas-tight capping slab of the heater and a combustible ceiling. Such alterations shall be accomplished by one of the following means or a combination thereof:.

Clay or shale masonry units shall conform to the following standards: The chimney shall be filled with a thick penetrating smoke produced by one or more smoke machines, or smoke bombs, or other equivalent method. Masonry designed by the allowable stress design method asec comply with the provisions of Sections and Where more than one element frames in one direction, none of the elements or connections shall have an axial tension capacity of less than 1 percent of the vertical load.

Reinforcing bars to be welded and welding procedure. Grout shall be prevented from bonding with the flue liner so that the flue liner is free to move with thermal expansion. Where the fireplace opening is 6 square feet 0. Masonry heaters shall also be installed in accordance with this section and comply with one of the following:.

A smoke test shall be made as outlined below. Strength of a member or cross section calculated in accordance with these provisions before application of any strength-reduction factors.

A wall built of masonry units or of concrete, or a combination of these materials, arranged to provide ac airspace within the wall, and in which the inner and outer parts of the wall are tied together with metal ties. Chimneys shall not be supported by the equipment they serve unless such equipment has been specifically designed for such loads.

Specifications for Masonry Structures (ACI / ASCE /TMS )

Foundations for masonry chimneys shall be constructed of concrete or solid masonry at least 12 inches mm thick 60 shall extend at least 6 inches mm beyond the face of the foundation or support wall on all sides. The temperature on adjacent combustible surfaces shall not be raised above ? Provisions for dimensional changes resulting from elastic deformation, creep, shrinkage, temperature and moisture.

  ASTM D1974 PDF

The compressive strength of masonry shall be determined by the prism test method: Size and location of structural elements.

The required development length of reinforcement shall be determined by Equationbut shall not be less than 12 inches mm and need not be greater than 72 d[ b ].

The throat opening shall not be less than 4 inches mm in depth. For fireplaces with chimneys up to 40 inches mm wide, four No. Masonry and concrete chimneys and foundations in Seismic Design Category C or D shall be anchored at each floor, ceiling or roof line more than 6 feet mm above grade, except where constructed completely within the exterior walls. The foundations and lateral support shall be equivalent to those required for newly constructed walls under similar conditions.

Type 1 mechanical splices shall not be used within a plastic hinge zone or within a beam-column joint of intermediate or special reinforced masonry shear walls or special moment frames. The vertical reinforcement shall be terminated in a horizontal tie or foundation or their equivalent. Other equivalent means of stress transfer to accomplish the same 50 percent increase shall be permitted. Expansion and contraction in chimney walls due to temperature variations shall be accommodated solely by the use of steel reinforcing rings.

Cross-sectional areas of clay flue linings are as provided in Tables Mortar shall not be substituted for grout where grout is specified on the construction documents.

The outer portion of a hollow masonry unit as placed in masonry. Some of the topics covered in the Code are: Calcium silicate sand lime brick.

A wall built of masonry units so arranged as to provide an airspace within the wall, and in which the facing and backing of tmw wall are bonded together with masonry units.