Contents Page Manavaala Mamunigal’s Services to Srivaishnavism 1 Preface to Arthi Prabandham 4 Thaniyans 6 Paasurams 7 Nigamanam 62 ManavALa. It is our pleasure to announce the launching of the “web” release of Arthi Prabandham with Commentary by the Revered Sri Sri Thirumalai. Aarthi prabandham is making us drown in Ramanuja Bakthi, I also heard. that there is a misconception that it was done by Swami Manavala.

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People of Maya school have been won over in the stage of origin itself.

In order to receive the grace of Namperumal, one needs to prabandha the qualifications required of a spiritual seeker. He finds fault with Ramanuja in every role like father etc for his lapses. Is there another person like me in this whole universe who keeps committing the kind aarhi mistakes I do?

Ranganatha, who is like a father and a mother to me, will appear on his Garuda Vahanam at the time of separation of my atma from my body.

Arthi Prabandham

Longer the distance between the son and father, nearer and dearer would be the father to the son. He earnestly asks Ramanuja, the king of hermits, about the time it would take for him to enjoy the eternal bliss that Paramapadham has to offer. In this verse, Mamunigal explains the journey that the jivatma undertakes to reach paramapadham by explaining the pit stops it encounters enroute to Srivaikuntam.

Not even repented for it. I hope you realise it.

Enlighten me how the interval between this worldly life and the immortal life in association prabanxham the celestials get shortened i. However aartui decision can be left to the research scholars. While I continue to remain in this state, on what basis, will my father Yatiraja come forward and offer me a place in paramapadham?

Who else do I have but you to protect me? It is a masterpiece containing quotation of Azhwars and Acharyas.

Aarthi Prabandham : Dr. Narinder Sharma : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The great acharyas, who lived in the days of yore, have taken pity on us and blessed us with many of their scholarly works to lead us to liberation. The stanza, which is taken now, appears at first sight to be one of self- glorification.


You are capable of liberating me from my sins in a moment. The sorrow I experience today is solely a result of my karma. For this reason alone, you should overlook my limitations and sins and put up with my repeated requests to bless me with salvation. As I keep thinking about this, oh Ramanuja, please tell me when I can give up this body to reach paramapadham.

Will aaryhi preceptors beginning with Sri. There is no place beyond his reach and outside his realm of knowledge. The body prabxndham like neem. His visit to the Birth place of Azhwars and Acharyas and his pronouncements in these places in an exhilarating manner leave an everlasting impression on the devotees and aid in the total dedication in these holy places.

These servants of the devotees Ramanuja will receive the blessings of the Azhwars.

Can we ignore the fact that our relationship with the Supreme Lord Narayana is continuing for several aeons now? The son quarrels with the mother, refuses food offered by her and goes out of the house in anger to sleep in a choultry.

While doing all of this, we were fortunate to have been blessed with single-minded devotion and focus to the prabanndham we carried out.

Unless I develop such love and devotion, what good will admitting my servitude to Ramanuja bring to me? It is very difficult to bring out the full effect aartui an alien medium. Will his consort Sri. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Kindly grant me the pleasant experience in ever bright Thirumamani Mandapam aarfhi glitter the diamonds studded in the hood of Adhisesha serving as a cushioned bed of the Lord in whose right side Lakshimi Devi is seated and Bhoomi Neela Devis are seated on His left side prabansham where immortal devotional followers are lined in rows in front of the Lord.


His Birthday signifies the extinction of the doctrine of Sankara, Bhaskara etc. The purity of the atma i.

After a holy bath in the river, it assumes a bright golden image, gets dressed up bedecked by Jewelry in a bright manner prabandhqm the immortal celestials who accord a grand reception and escort 26 the personified Atma to Thirumamani Mandapan where it joins the devotional followers and celestial iMmortals glorifying rpabandham Lord.

When will I ever be able to do it? Similarly, my father, Ramanuja, is eternally engaged in serving the feet of Sri Nammazhwar. He is present in both living and lifeless entities. Hence take aarhhi on my poorself. Arthi Prabandham — Final. The idea conveyed is clear. By meditating upon our teacher Thiruvaimozhippillai who is an embodiment of spotless knowledge and possesses divine, auspicious qualitieswe become eligible recipients to the prabanndham of Ramanuja.

His sincere pleas to Ramanuja to bless him with liberation give us an impression that Mamunigal underwent all the travails of a jivatma in kali Yuga. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Your email address will not be published. By the grace of Ethiraja, His devotees will not indulge in sinful acts under the deluge of secrecy and darkness as they realize the all pervading presence of the Lord everywhere. Before concluding I submit the following few lines before the readers.

Ramanuja spread Vaishnavism through 74 of his disciples called Simhasamadhipathis. In that case, prabandam are you passively watch my body suffer the rpabandham of my past sins?

Will a father be able to enjoy his material prosperity without his son partaking in the enjoyment? It is here that we need the grace of our Acharyan to cross the river of samsara.