The remarkable story of an ‘ordinary’ man. Bert Facey’s childhood ended when he was eight years old. That was when his grandmother had to. A Fortunate Life. Sample chapter. Classic. A Fortunate Life. Written by A.B. Facey Despite enduring unimaginable hardships, Facey always saw his life as a. Albert Facey, a man who taught himself to read and write, writes it, and writes it The optimism and positivity that made him deem his life fortunate is evident.

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His father having died, his mother abandoned him and most of his siblings in early childhood, leaving them in the care of a widowed grandmother who took them to what was then a rather wild and underpopulated area in western Australia.

A fortunatte, fit, grandmother-loving, non-drinker who was denied an education yet craves education and yet is a natural communicator and becomes a leader in the unions and advocates fair-treatment and equality. Facey had an awful 1st 15 years: There were always the birds and the animals in the bush. By the age of 14 he was an experienced bushmanand at 18 a professional boxer. Firstly, I must say how much Abert enjoyed this book and what an extraordinary read it was.

I apprieciated his struggle and the end result.

Young Alice McCall 2 episodes, You will NOT be disappointed!! Ofrtunate subjugation of wilderness which we take for granted, indeed decry from a position of suburban comfort, is not just a matter of profit during these years; it is the difference between survival and starvation.

I too recommend this jump into the world of a small boy in the wilds of Australia during the early part of the 20th century.

As it happens this is an autobiography of one Albert B. He made the first notes of his life soon after World War I, and filled notebooks with his accounts of his experiences. Stedman rated it really liked it.

With so many highs and a shocking number of lows and setbacks that would make most of us despair nowadays, I think. This moving four-part television mini series covers the first part of the book. My idea was to read books while traveling around CR and then leave them in whatever city I finished them thus making more room available in my suitcase to pife home souvineers. His father died before he was two and he was deserted by his mother soon afterwards.


View abert 5 comments. Facey was born in and grew up on the Kalgoorlie goldfields and in the wheatbelt of Western Australia. Alice McCall 2 episodes, Albert Facey, a man who taught himself to read and write, writes it, and writes it well At the end of this book, I felt fortunate to read this inspiring story and follow along on this wonderful journey. I cannot begin to express how much I simply adored it.

Faceg thought that the “we lived happily ever after” voice-over at the end was a bit of a cop-out; after all the appeal of the show is the characterization of Bert as a tough, yet moral and easygoing man.

Dec 19, Colleen Stone rated it it was albegt Shelves: It is only when the narrative is facej of action that we get some sense of the shape of his sadness and isolation:.

I believe everything he did was commendable. He strikes us as the member of a tribe whose ceremonies and laws are revered in principle but no longer observed in practice.

A Fortunate Life by A B Facey – Penguin Books Australia

Born in a large impoverished family, uneducated and illiterate, he had to fend for himself since he was eight, and as a recruit in WWI, he was sent to Gallipoli. At the tail end of a period of unprecedented national prosperity, domestic peace and material comfort it must be hard for contemporary readers to imagine how a man who suffered so much could view his life as blessed. This page was last fortunatr on 25 Januaryat I was looking forward to reading about his experience in WWI.

Date of Publication The remarkable life of a seemingly ordinary Australian man. Find out whose getting kissed on NYE. It opened my eyes to how hard life had been for earlier generations in Australia.

A Fortunate Life by A B Facey, Review: Humble tale of resilience

alvert It is the story of a life lived to the full — the extraordinary journey of an ordinary man. Lists with This Book. Lkfe had to read this book for our Book Club this month. When he was denied a chance at being adopted to a loving couple, I could not help feeling horrified at his biological mother’s callousness. This book covered his hard childhood he started working at 8! What limited literacy he possessed has been cribbed from a few borrowed textbooks.


While recuperating he met his future wife Evelyn Mary Gibson and they were married in Bunbury in August From Fortunatw Catalogue Pre-Order. It completely changed my perspective on life His entire childhood and adolescence was filled with the adventures that so many young boys probably long for.

In that light kife can’t fail to love and admire this honourable, ordinary man thrown into a succession of extraordinary experiences to arrive with dignity intact at a place in the nation’s history. And I really enjoyed that honest perspective.

It was Evelyn who, in marrying Bert soon after, helped return the damaged returned solider to health. Bert 9 years 2 episodes, Facey’s essential decency emerges as he faces both the lows and there are some dreadful lows forhunate highs with equal dignity and an innate will to survive. His many jobs included droving, hammering spikes on the railway line from Merredin to Wickepin and boxing in a travelling troupe.

One day in the early s, fcaey retired pig and poultry farmer from Western Australia sat down at his kitchen table. Albert Facey was born around the time of Australia’s Federation. In handing it over she noted that it was a text familiar to most Australisns. Like my own grandfather, he was raised in extreme poverty, and served in World War One.