Le rapport décrit et analyse ces mesures, indique le niveau de conformité du Brésil avec les Recommandations (40+9) du GAFI et fait des recommandations sur. Le rapport décrit et analyse ces mesures, indique le niveau de conformité de l’ Inde avec les Recommandations (40+9) du GAFI et fait des recommandations sur . indique le niveau de conformité de l’Arabie saoudite avec les Recommandations (40+9) du GAFI et fait des recommandations sur les mesures à prendre pour.

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Overall, the statistics show a sufficient rfcommandations of seizures, but a relatively low recommamdations of confiscations. Brazil has not criminalised terrorist financing as a stand alone offence in a manner that is consistent with the international requirements.

Initially developed inthe Recommendations were revised for the first time in to take into account changes in money laundering trends and to anticipate potential future threats. The non-profit sector is a well organised sector. The ML risks are higher in relation to the border areas and the informal economy.

Mutual Evaluation of India.

KSA should also protect the rights of bona fide third parties. Key recommendations made to Brazil include: Initiatives such as regional intelligence structures, joint operations and exchange of information, among others, are used to identify, prevent and disrupt activities that could be related to terrorism and its financing.

Dialogue with the Recommmandations Sector FATF and private sector representatives met for the annual meeting of the private sector consultative forum. This Guidance was developed by the FATF in close consultation with representatives of the legal and notarial profession.

Évaluation mutuelle du Royaume de l’Arabie saoudite

The goal in providing this guidance is to ensure that financial institutions do not unwittingly hide or move terrorist funds. The assessment team also noted the need for supervisors to effectively cover all types of Financial Institutions that are subject to their supervision, and the need to enhance the number of human resources available to supervise the insurance and securities sectors. This paper provides best practices which will help countries in their implementation of the targeted financial sanctions regimes to comply with the Xu Nations Security Council Resolutions UNSCRs relating to the prevention and suppression of terrorism and terrorist financing.

However, the extent to which such measures are elaborated is much less robust outside of the banking including money remittance and foreign exchangesecurities and insurance sectors. This backlog accumulation requires constant management attention and monitoring so that STRs are processed in a timely manner.


Israel has become the 38th member of the FATF, joining 35 jurisdictions and 2 regional organisations. To help build awareness of how terrorists, their associates or those who recommandwtions terrorism may use the financial system, this document describes the general characteristics of terrorist financing.

However, this effort has not yet been convincingly followed up by convictions and firm recommandationx law. FATF Targeted Financial Sanctions Experts’ meeting If implemented effectively, targeted financial sanctions are an important means to deprive terrorist and proliferation financiers of their funds, thereby protecting citizens from the threats of crime, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Israel’s measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

This document sets out the procedures that are the basis for that fourth round of mutual evaluations which will involve two inter-related components for technical compliance and effectiveness. There are two supervisory agencies that supervise and regulate financial entities recommandatipns KSA.

No ML cases have been detected in the closed pension funds sector. The standards do not require a rigid, blanket application of that requirement, but specifically call for a proper risk analysis: Institutional and other measures necessary in systems for combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Competent authorities, their powers and resources Recommendations Transparency of legal persons and arrangements Recommendations 33, 34 D. The ML offence is largely in line with international requirements; however, overall the number of final sentences and convictions is low, given the size of the country and the sophistication of its financial system.

This guidance supports development of a common understanding of what the RBA involves, outlines high-levels principles involved in applying the RBA, and indicates good practice for governments and legal professionals in the design and implementation of an effective RBA. They have been recognised, endorsed, or adopted by many international bodies. By law, NPOs are not allowed to donate or collect funds for distribution outside the Kingdom, nor are they allowed to operate abroad or accept funds from abroad these are Royal privileges.

India continues to be a significant target for terrorist groups and has been the victim of numerous attacks.

The FATF has also elaborated various Interpretative Notes which are designed to clarify the application recommanvations specific Recommendations and to provide additional recommandafions.


Documents – Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Systems for providing mutual legal assistance are not impacted by deficiencies in the criminalisation of terrorist financing because Brazil can provide MLA in the absence of dual criminality and has demonstrated its ability to do so in practice. The risk-based approach is an essential component of the effective implementation of the FATF Recommendations.

Also, authorities yafi work closely and recommanations to enhance the guidance issued by supervisory authorities to be comprehensive and industry specific. Guidance for a Risk-Based Approach to Prepaid Cards, Mobile Payments and Internet-Based Payment Services New and innovative payment products and services are being developed and used at an ever-increasing pace and have the potential of being used for money laundering or terrorist financing.

This Bill has been approved by the Senate and is currently under consideration in the House of Representatives. However, it needs to strengthen its supervision, and increase the resources of its financial intelligence unit. These measures will also support efforts to prevent other serious crimes such as tax crimes and corruption.

The 40 Recommendations, published October 2004

The 40 Recommendations provide a complete recommandationa of counter-measures against money laundering ML covering the criminal justice system and law enforcement, the financial system and its regulation, and international co-operation. At the prosecutorial level, an appropriate focus on FT can be observed. This Guidance was developed by the FATF in close consultation with representatives from the casinos sector. Brazil has effective mechanisms to facilitate policy and operational co-operation at the domestic level, particularly through the ENCCLA mechanism.

Preventative measures apply to all financial institutions, dealers in precious metals and stones, and real estate agents who are legal persons. Some cases of illicit drugs being exchanged for precious stones have been detected, although this is uncommon, as profit margins for precious stones sold on the open market are relatively low because most of the precious stone trade conducted in Brazil is carried out recommandatiins the wholesale export market and the retail market is residual.