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3GPP TS (click spec number to see fileserver directory for this spec) Work item which gave rise to this spec: (click WI code to see Work Item details in . Encoding Messages Other Than TSMsg_PDU. .. the Methodology section, there are several PDU types defined for GERAN RRC messages (3GPP TS. The 3GPP scenarios for transition, described in [TR], can be Note 1: The UE receives the PDN Address Information Element [TS] at the end of.

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It has two main functions: An application such as a MMS would use APNy in the figure above, because the service is provided through the private network. However their attack cannot reveal approximate location of the UE in a given area. Upon successful acceptance the UE receives access to services based on its subscription. Two of three operators have fixed the configuration issues in their networks. Stage 3 for Session management, bearer control and QoS aspects. Stage 3 for QoS mechanisms.

In its most basic form, the EPS architecture consists of only two nodes on the user plane: MME is responsible for authenticating and allocating resources data connectivity to UEs when they connect to the network. If the mapping is successful in a particular cell where the attacker is, the presence of the subscriber is confirmed. Perceived security vs availability.


Communication between zones requires special arrangement, such as using intermediate gateways e. In particular, we exploit two functions of EMM messages described below. History Action date Action Author. Remarks 1 Creation date Author Remark. In 3GPP Release-8 and laterit was defined that a dual-stack UE or when the radio equipment has no knowledge of the UE IP stack’s capabilities must first attempt to establish a dual-stack bearer and then possibly fall back to a single-stack bearer.

Issues for CT1 TR However, emergency calls are not possible when UE is attached to a rogue eNodeB. Only those core network nodes that must be connected to the inter-operator roaming networks are actually visible there, and are able to send and receive tunneled traffic within the inter-operator roaming networks.

Status of This Memo This document is not an Internet Standards Track specification; it is published for informational purposes. For example, if an exception is made to forego integrity protection for a denial message from the network, then the standards group should consider what happens and how to recover if the denial message contains incorrect information.

IPv6 in 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)

We now discuss some features in social network messaging applications that can be used to trigger LTE paging requests to devices in which the 3gp has installed the corresponding social network applications. However, the attacks we presented are not identified by the study.


They fall into two classes: As IMSI is a permanent identifier of a subscriber, LTE 24031 try to minimize its transmission in over-the-air radio communication for security and privacy reasons. Due to popularity and size of user base we chose Facebook and WhatsApp applications for our experiments.

A UE attaches to 3g;p gateway as part of the Attach process. Posted by Kumar Swamy Pasupuleti at 6: This has a few known issues, especially when the IP stack is made to believe that the underlying link has link-layer addresses.

ESM message container

CT 1 Secondary responsible groups: Stage 2 Security Architecture. However, this is expensive. A proof of concept paper by P. This partitioning allows overlapping IPv4 address ranges to be assigned to UEs that are in different areas.

This will also ensure that legacy devices 3glp applications continue to work with no impact.

How LTE Stuff Works?: November

Our first class of attacks consists of three different ways of making an LTE device leak its location: New services requiring direct connectivity between UEs should be built on IPv6. The UE can choose to attach to a specific gateway in the packet core.

Prime Rapporteur has been changed to Jennifer Liu.